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Reug Reug outlasts Marcus Buchecha in three-round war at ONE Championship

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Reug Reug emerged victorious in an intense three-round battle against Marcus Buchecha at ONE Championship Fight Night 13 in Bangkok. After almost three years of anticipation, the two heavyweight stars finally faced each other, and it was a hard-fought clash filled with back-and-forth action and some fouls.

In the initial round, Reug Reug displayed strength by defending Buchecha’s takedown attempts and landing powerful punches. Although Buchecha endured the onslaught, he looked fatigued and battered by the end of the round.

During the second round, Buchecha managed to take Reug Reug down after the Senegalese wrestler appeared tired. However, Reug Reug escaped an armbar attempt and gained top position for the remainder of the round.

In the third round, both fighters were visibly exhausted, leading to sloppy exchanges. The referee, Herb Dean, warned them for inactivity. Reug Reug lost a dominant position due to glove grabbing, and Dean threatened disqualification if such fouls persisted. Buchecha attempted a late surge to finish the fight but couldn’t do enough, and Reug Reug secured a unanimous decision victory.

With this win, Reug Reug’s MMA record improves to 6-1, potentially paving the way for a future bout with ONE heavyweight champion Anatoly Malykhin. You can watch some highlights of this incredible heavyweight clash in the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about heavyweight clash

Q: How long did it take for Reug Reug to defeat Marcus Buchecha?

A: It took nearly three years for Reug Reug to finally defeat Marcus Buchecha in their heavyweight clash at ONE Championship Fight Night 13.

Q: What was the result of the fight between Reug Reug and Marcus Buchecha?

A: Reug Reug emerged as the winner, securing a hard-fought unanimous decision victory over Marcus Buchecha.

Q: How did the fight unfold in the opening round?

A: In the opening round, Reug Reug came out strong, defending takedown attempts and delivering devastating punches. Buchecha managed to survive the round, but he was noticeably tired and battered.

Q: What happened in the second round of the fight?

A: In the second round, Buchecha took Reug Reug down after he appeared exhausted. However, Reug Reug defended against an armbar attempt and spent the rest of the round in a dominant position on top.

Q: How did the third round play out?

A: The third round saw both fighters visibly exhausted, leading to sloppier exchanges. The referee warned them for inactivity and penalized Reug Reug for fouls, but he still secured the unanimous decision win.

Q: What is Reug Reug’s MMA record after this victory?

A: With this win, Reug Reug’s MMA record improved to 6-1 in his career.

Q: What could be the next step for Reug Reug after this victory?

A: This victory could potentially set up a future fight with ONE heavyweight champion Anatoly Malykhin.

Q: Were there any highlights available for this intense heavyweight matchup?

A: Yes, you can watch video highlights of some of the action from the fight to witness the intense battle between Reug Reug and Buchecha.

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