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Paige VanZant Readies for Return, Confirms Next Bout with BKFC

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Paige VanZant BKFC comeback

Paige VanZant is gearing up for a comeback, although the timing is still up in the air.

Having transitioned from the UFC to bare-knuckle fighting, VanZant has been out of the ring for over two years. Her planned return in August 2022 was derailed just before her scheduled departure to London, as her BKFC fight was abruptly canceled. This led to a challenging period for her, marked by mental health struggles and criticism over the cancellation, despite it being BKFC’s decision.

Reflecting on the experience, VanZant shared with MMA Hook the immense effort that went into preparing for the fight. “The lead-up was incredibly intense. I trained vigorously and was thrilled about the bout. It was also a joint effort, as my husband Austin Vanderford and I prepared for our respective fights, which were days apart. The complexities of managing two fight camps, including dieting and behind-the-scenes preparations, are often overlooked,” she said.

The cancellation call was a significant blow. “I was all set – weight cut done, ready to fly to London, where my dad was already waiting. It was a low point, trying to decide whether to jump back into training or proceed with planned family time in Alaska,” VanZant recalled.

This fight was critical for her, aiming to bounce back from consecutive BKFC defeats and a UFC loss, with her last victory dating back to 2019. “The disappointment was not just about missing the fight but also about losing the opportunity to demonstrate my skills and passion. The sacrifices made during training make such cancellations even more disheartening,” she explained.

Despite the setback, VanZant holds no resentment towards BKFC and appreciates their support. “They’ve been great, but the situation was definitely frustrating,” she stated.

VanZant hasn’t been idle since the canceled fight. She’s been active with her popular OnlyFans page, podcasting with her husband, building a new home in Florida, and exploring a return to professional wrestling following a stint in All Elite Wrestling.

Regarding her BKFC comeback, VanZant is currently enjoying her gym routine without the pressure of an impending fight. “I’m rediscovering my love for training, not just for competition or sponsorship obligations, but for the sheer joy of it,” she said.

At 29, VanZant feels she still has a long career ahead. “Starting young in the UFC, I’m now focusing on improving my skills and pursuing my passions,” she mentioned.

While open to an MMA return, her immediate focus is on BKFC, with the timeline for her next fight still undecided. “It might be six months or a year until my next bare-knuckle bout. Right now, I’m leaving that decision to my team, focusing on training and not rushing into a fight contract. But when I do return, it will definitely be with BKFC,” VanZant confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Paige VanZant BKFC comeback

When is Paige VanZant planning her return to fighting?

Paige VanZant is preparing for her comeback in bare-knuckle fighting (BKFC), but the exact date of her return fight is not yet determined. She is currently enjoying her training routine and focusing on improving her skills without the immediate pressure of an upcoming fight.

Why was Paige VanZant’s last scheduled fight canceled?

VanZant’s last scheduled BKFC fight, set for August 2022 in London, was canceled just days before her departure. The cancellation, made by BKFC, left her in a difficult mental state, particularly after facing criticism despite the decision being out of her control.

How has Paige VanZant been keeping busy outside of fighting?

Outside the ring, Paige VanZant has been actively managing her popular OnlyFans page, hosting a podcast with her husband, overseeing the construction of their new home in Florida, and considering a return to professional wrestling after her involvement in All Elite Wrestling.

What has been Paige VanZant’s approach to her training and fighting career recently?

VanZant has adopted a more relaxed approach to her training, focusing on rediscovering her passion for the sport and improving her skills. She is training without the immediate goal of a fight, aiming to find joy in the process rather than just competing for professional or financial reasons.

Is Paige VanZant considering a return to MMA in the future?

While Paige VanZant’s immediate focus is on her return to BKFC, she has not ruled out a potential return to mixed martial arts (MMA) in the future. However, for now, her full attention is on bare-knuckle fighting.

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WrestlingFan4Life December 28, 2023 - 9:45 pm

a return to pro wrestling would be cool, she had some good moments in AEW, would love to see more of that!

FightFanatic December 29, 2023 - 1:12 pm

wow, Paige really went through a lot with that cancelled fight, mental health is no joke in sports, hope she bounces back strong.

KnuckleHead December 29, 2023 - 1:19 pm

Bare knuckle is no joke, respect to VanZant for sticking with it, curious to see how she performs in her next fight, whenever that is.

MMAJunkie99 December 29, 2023 - 2:18 pm

its interesting to see fighters like VanZant exploring different paths, like OnlyFans and podcasting, diversifying their careers is smart in such a tough sport.


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