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Colby Covington fires back at Paddy Pimblett: ‘He’ll never be a top-30 fighter’

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Colby Covington Fires Back at Paddy Pimblett: Doubts He’ll Ever Reach the Top in UFC Lightweight Division

Colby Covington, known in the UFC as “Chaos,” isn’t one to hold back his thoughts, especially when it comes to fellow fighters. Recently, he had some choice words for up-and-coming lightweight contender Paddy Pimblett. Despite Pimblett’s impressive performance against Tony Ferguson at UFC 296, where he improved his record to 5-0 in the UFC, Covington doesn’t believe he’ll ever reach the upper echelons of the 155-pound division.

Their feud began when Pimblett expressed his hope that fellow Englishman Leon Edwards, the reigning champion, would send Covington “into the shadow realm” due to Covington’s comments about Edwards’ late father. While Covington may have fallen short in his three attempts at the welterweight title, including a recent loss to Edwards, he remains a polarizing figure in the sport.

In a recent interview on the PBD Podcast, Covington responded to comments from his rivals, including Pimblett. With his characteristic swagger, Covington quipped, “Paddy … if he didn’t have a bowl cut and an accent, nobody would care about Paddy. That’s the only reason they like him, is a bowl cut and an accent. He’s not even a good fighter. He’ll never be a top-30 fighter. The closest he’ll ever get to fighting for a world title is if he got on his knees and came and sniffed my jockstrap.”

While Pimblett has indeed climbed the lightweight rankings with wins over notable opponents, it’s unlikely he’ll receive a title shot anytime soon, according to Covington. And he’s not the only one critical of Covington’s recent performance. Michael Chandler, a former Bellator star now competing in the UFC’s lightweight division, also voiced his disapproval.

Covington, however, brushed off Chandler’s remarks, saying, “Michael Chandler? Who? The guy was getting knocked out in Bellator, the guy’s a complete scrub. What’s his UFC record? Like, 1-4? We’re talking about that. My win percentage in the UFC is over, like, 90 percent, I’m an all-time great in this division.”

Covington didn’t stop there, boasting about his accomplishments and his unique relationship with former President Donald Trump. He stated, “I’m the only fighter to ever go to The White House and hang out with a sitting president. I’m the only one to ever get the first family front row. I’m the only one to ever have a president out there supporting me and dapping me up before I walk in the octagon.”

When asked about friendships in the MMA community, Covington made it clear that his priority is financial success. “In the fighting world, I don’t have friends because I always said I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money,” he declared. “That’s what matters to me is financially changing my future and my family’s future.”

Covington’s candid and outspoken nature may ruffle feathers, but it’s undoubtedly a part of what makes him a captivating figure in the world of mixed martial arts. Whether you love him or hate him, “Chaos” Covington continues to be a prominent and polarizing presence in the UFC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Feud

Q: What led to the feud between Colby Covington and Paddy Pimblett?

A: The feud between Colby Covington and Paddy Pimblett began when Pimblett expressed his hope that fellow Englishman and UFC lightweight champion Leon Edwards would defeat Covington due to Covington’s disrespectful comments about Edwards’ late father.

Q: What are Colby Covington’s criticisms of Paddy Pimblett?

A: Colby Covington has been critical of Paddy Pimblett’s fighting skills, suggesting that Pimblett’s popularity is primarily due to his distinctive appearance and accent. He went on to claim that Pimblett will never rise to the level of a top-30 fighter in the lightweight division.

Q: Who else has criticized Colby Covington’s recent performance?

A: Michael Chandler, a former Bellator star now competing in the UFC’s lightweight division, has also criticized Colby Covington’s performance at UFC 296. However, Covington dismissed Chandler’s comments, labeling him as a “complete scrub.”

Q: What notable achievements did Colby Covington boast about?

A: Colby Covington boasted about his unique achievements, including being the only fighter to visit The White House and spend time with a sitting president. He also mentioned receiving support from the president and his family before his fights, emphasizing his status as an all-time great in the UFC’s welterweight division.

Q: Does Colby Covington have friends in the MMA community?

A: Colby Covington stated that he doesn’t prioritize making friends in the MMA community. He sees his career as a means to secure financial success for himself and his family and believes that many fighters are envious of his financial accomplishments.

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