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UFC London Footage: Molly McCann Swiftly Subdued by Julija Stoliarenko’s Intense Armbar

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The usually noisy audience at UFC London was noticeably quieter this Saturday, thanks to a performance by Julija Stoliarenko that took the wind out of the sails of the crowd.

In the penultimate fight at the O2 Arena, Stoliarenko took on crowd darling, Molly McCann. Not even two minutes into the match, Stoliarenko managed to bring “Meatball” to submission using an exceptionally brutal and agonizing armbar, securing the most significant victory of her UFC tenure.

The breathtaking finish can be seen in the video below.

Stoliarenko effortlessly achieved a takedown and secured a commanding position on top, shifting to the back. Although McCann scrambled to reclaim the top position, her triumph was short-lived. Stoliarenko elegantly transitioned into an armbar, leading to a submission victory and silencing the London spectators.

As McCann started to tap out, the referee hesitated to intervene and end the fight. This resulted in visible discomfort for McCann, who was seen writhing in pain on the mat.

Stoliarenko has now achieved first-round armbar victories over two of her last three opponents, marking an impressive debut in the flyweight division. McCann, on the other hand, has succumbed to her opponents in her last two matches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Armbar

Q: What happened in the co-main event at UFC London involving Julija Stoliarenko and Molly McCann?

A: In the co-main event at UFC London held at the O2 Arena, Julija Stoliarenko faced Molly McCann. Stoliarenko quickly secured a takedown and transitioned to a dominant position, eventually executing a painful armbar submission in under two minutes, resulting in an impressive victory for her UFC career.

Q: How did the London crowd react to the fight?

A: The London crowd appeared less boisterous than usual, possibly due to the intense performance by Julija Stoliarenko, which silenced the arena as she swiftly subdued Molly McCann with the armbar submission.

Q: Did Molly McCann put up a fight?

A: Molly McCann attempted to resist Stoliarenko’s advances and briefly regained the top position during the fight. However, she couldn’t hold on for long as Stoliarenko executed the armbar submission beautifully.

Q: Has Julija Stoliarenko performed well in her recent matches?

A: Yes, Stoliarenko has been on an impressive streak, having now submitted two out of her last three opponents via first-round armbar. Her successful debut in the flyweight division showcased her skill and dominance.

Q: What was the referee’s reaction when McCann tapped out?

A: The referee hesitated momentarily before stopping the fight after McCann tapped out to the armbar. Unfortunately, this delay seemed to prolong McCann’s pain and discomfort while lying on the canvas.

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