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Title: Kamaru Usman’s Euphoric Reaction to Justin Gaethje’s UFC 291 Knockout Win

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Kamaru Usman’s elation at witnessing his close friend and teammate, Justin Gaethje, secure a spectacular knockout victory against Dustin Poirier at UFC 291 cannot be adequately put into words.

The ex-welterweight champion had a ringside seat during the event and, when Gaethje perfectly executed a head kick that sent Poirier crashing to the canvas in just one minute of the second round, Usman’s joyous celebration was nothing short of explosive.

A video shared by the UFC captured the moment Usman leapt into the air, shouting in exhilaration, as he watched Gaethje claim his well-deserved triumph. The overwhelming emotion of the occasion washed over him, and he turned to celebrate with everyone around him.

Unable to contain his excitement, Usman eventually entered the cage to embrace Gaethje, who not only avenged a previous defeat against Poirier but also earned the prestigious “BMF” title with this sensational victory on Saturday night.

It’s essential to note that Usman and Gaethje have been primary training partners for several years, as Usman chose to relocate his training camps to Colorado after parting ways with his former team in Florida while preparing for a bout against Gilbert Burns.

Currently, Usman dedicates his training full-time in Colorado under the watchful eye of head coach Trevor Wittman, with Gaethje by his side, forming a formidable duo in their pursuit of excellence.

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Q: What was Kamaru Usman’s reaction to Justin Gaethje’s knockout win at UFC 291?

A: Kamaru Usman was overjoyed and erupted in celebration when he witnessed his friend and teammate Justin Gaethje score a knockout victory over Dustin Poirier at UFC 291.

Q: How did Kamaru Usman react to the head kick that led to the knockout?

A: When Justin Gaethje executed a perfect head kick that sent Dustin Poirier down to the canvas in just one minute of the second round, Kamaru Usman jumped up in the air, shouting with excitement.

Q: Did Kamaru Usman have a special bond with Justin Gaethje?

A: Yes, Kamaru Usman and Justin Gaethje shared a close bond as they were primary training partners for several years in Colorado, under the guidance of head coach Trevor Wittman.

Q: What did the video posted by UFC show about Kamaru Usman’s reaction?

A: The video captured Kamaru Usman’s elation after Gaethje’s victory, where he shouted in joy, overwhelmed with emotion. He then celebrated with those around him before entering the cage to embrace Gaethje.

Q: What was significant about Justin Gaethje’s victory at UFC 291?

A: In addition to avenging a prior loss to Dustin Poirier, Justin Gaethje also claimed the “BMF” title with his knockout win, making the victory even more special for him and his team.

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