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Mark Zuckerberg ready to fight Elon Musk in a ‘cage match’: ‘Send me location’

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his willingness to engage in a physical confrontation with Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter. The peculiar situation arose when Musk responded to news of Zuckerberg’s company developing a social media platform to rival Twitter. Musk, noting that Zuckerberg has been practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the guidance of Dave Camarillo, a seasoned instructor, jokingly suggested a cage match to settle their differences.

Taking up the challenge, Zuckerberg, who had recently trained with renowned grappler Mikey Musumeci, posted a video on Instagram, one of the social media platforms owned by his company Meta, and echoed the words of former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, saying, “Send me location.”

While this entire scenario may seem absurd and amusing, it appears that both billionaires are genuinely interested in a confrontation. In response to Zuckerberg’s acceptance, a Meta spokesperson simply stated, “The story speaks for itself.”

Although Musk has no formal training or affiliation with combat sports, apart from appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast and briefly serving on the board of directors at Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, he seems undeterred and even boasted about his own fighting style on Twitter.

While the likelihood of an actual fight taking place remains highly improbable, the public’s interest in a potential showdown between Zuckerberg and Musk has grown as they continue their exchanges on social media. In fact, there are now odds offered by Sportsbetting.ag, with Zuckerberg heavily favored to emerge victorious in a hypothetical matchup.

Mark Zuckerberg: -500

Elon Musk: +300

So, brace yourself for the possibility of witnessing a truly bizarre encounter between Zuckerberg and Musk in a UFC octagon, as they embark on what could be one of the most unusual fights in the history of physical altercations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cage match

Q: Why did Mark Zuckerberg challenge Elon Musk to a cage match?

A: Mark Zuckerberg challenged Elon Musk to a cage match after Musk taunted him over a social media rivalry. It started with news of Zuckerberg’s company developing a platform to rival Twitter, and Musk jokingly suggested a fight to settle the score.

Q: Is the challenge between Zuckerberg and Musk for a real fight?

A: While the challenge and responses may seem amusing, it’s highly unlikely that an actual fight will take place. The interest lies primarily in their social media exchanges.

Q: Does Elon Musk have any formal combat sports training?

A: No, Elon Musk doesn’t have any formal training or relationship with combat sports. Apart from a podcast appearance and a brief stint on the board of directors at Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, he doesn’t have a background in fighting.

Q: What are the odds of a potential fight between Zuckerberg and Musk?

A: Sportsbetting.ag has released odds for a hypothetical matchup. Mark Zuckerberg is heavily favored (-500) compared to Elon Musk (+300).

Q: Who owns the social media platforms involved in this challenge?

A: Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta owns Instagram and Facebook, while Elon Musk is the owner of Twitter. These platforms were used by the individuals to engage in the challenge and subsequent exchanges.

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