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Anthony Smith Casts Doubt on Alex Pereira’s Ability to Overcome Top UFC Light Heavyweights

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Alex Pereira’s journey to claim another UFC title might face significant challenges, according to Anthony Smith, a prominent light heavyweight contender. Pereira, known as “Poatan,” aims to secure a light heavyweight belt after relinquishing the UFC middleweight title to Israel Adesanya in April. His quest begins on July 29 at UFC 291, where he will face former champion Jan Blachowicz.

Having previously held titles in two weight divisions in GLORY Kickboxing, Pereira’s transition to MMA has garnered attention. Under the UFC banner, he has achieved four consecutive wins, including a remarkable fifth-round knockout victory against Adesanya in November, earning him the UFC middleweight championship and the distinction of MMA Hook’s 2022 Fighter of the Year.

However, Pereira’s rematch with Adesanya resulted in a devastating knockout loss, marking the end of his remarkable run. Now, the formidable 6-foot-4 striker sets his sights on a similar championship run in the light heavyweight division. Yet, this endeavor comes with significant obstacles. The 20-pound weight difference between middleweight and light heavyweight is the largest gap among UFC divisions, and no fighter in history has secured titles in both categories. Even Adesanya fell short in his attempt, losing a unanimous decision to then-champion Blachowicz at UFC 259 in March 2021.

Smith acknowledges Pereira’s potential but expresses skepticism about his ability to overcome the division’s elite fighters, including current champion Jamahal Hill and former champion Jiri Prochazka. He believes Pereira might encounter difficulties against Jan Blachowicz, who possesses exceptional skills in defending against leg kicks—an integral part of Pereira’s striking game. Smith praises Blachowicz as the best kick defender in the UFC and points out that he successfully neutralized Adesanya’s leg kicks, leading to his victory through takedowns and a subsequent knockout.

Smith further emphasizes the challenges posed by other contenders. Jamahal Hill, with his unique striking style, presents a formidable opponent who is challenging to prepare for. Smith notes Hill’s impressive defensive skills, his ability to evade strikes, and his underrated grappling abilities showcased in his fight against Glover Teixeira. Smith sees a potential storyline between Hill and Pereira, offering an opportunity for Pereira to avenge his mentor, but he remains uncertain about Pereira’s chances against Blachowicz.

In summary, Anthony Smith casts doubt on Alex Pereira’s ability to navigate the challenges posed by the top light heavyweights in the UFC. While acknowledging Pereira’s talent, Smith highlights the skill sets and matchup difficulties that might hinder Pereira’s pursuit of another championship title.

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Can Alex Pereira win a second UFC championship title in the light heavyweight division?

Anthony Smith expresses doubts about Alex Pereira’s chances against top UFC light heavyweights. While Pereira has had success in the past, moving up to the light heavyweight division presents significant challenges. The weight difference and the skills of fighters like Jan Blachowicz and Jamahal Hill make it a tough road to secure another championship title.

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FightFan85 June 23, 2023 - 1:36 am

oh wow i luv how Smith is keepin it real here doubting Pereira’s chances against top light heavyweights. i mean, it’s a tough division & Blachowicz & Hill are no joke. but hey, who knows? anything can happen in the octagon!

UFCInsider21 June 23, 2023 - 4:52 am

It’s interesting to see how the weight difference plays a role here. Moving up from middleweight to light heavyweight is no joke, and it’s gonna be a challenge for Pereira. But hey, MMA is full of surprises, and we’ve seen fighters overcome the odds before. Excited to see how it all unfolds!

OctagonWarrior June 23, 2023 - 7:27 am

Can’t underestimate Pereira’s power, though! Yeah, he had a tough loss to Adesanya, but he’s got that knockout potential. If he can find his rhythm and land those big shots, who knows? He might just shock everyone and become a force in the light heavyweight division.

MMAFanatic123 June 23, 2023 - 12:47 pm

I gotta agree with Smith on this one. Pereira’s striking is great, but against guys like Blachowicz and Hill, it’s gonna be a real test. The light heavyweight division is stacked with talent, and it’s gonna take a lot for Pereira to come out on top.


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