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Coach Commends Brandon Moreno’s Courageous Performance at UFC 290 Despite Fighting with a Broken Hand

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Brandon Moreno’s display of resilience and determination during his fight against Alexandre Pantoja at UFC 290 deserves immense praise. Although he narrowly lost by a split decision, it was revealed that Moreno valiantly fought for over 20 minutes with a broken hand.

After the co-main event concluded, Moreno was promptly taken to a local Las Vegas hospital for medical attention. UFC president Dana White later revealed the extent of his injury during the post-fight press conference. Sayif Saud, Moreno’s head coach, has now disclosed that the 29-year-old Mexican-born fighter sustained the hand fracture during an exchange with Pantoja in the opening round.

Expressing his admiration, Saud took to Instagram and wrote, “I couldn’t be prouder of Brandon Moreno for his remarkable performance last night. Both athletes put on an incredible championship fight. Congratulations to Alexandre Pantoja and his team as well. Despite breaking his right hand in the first round, Brandon exhibited an extraordinary pace, remarkable heart, skill, and courage. He consistently showcases his exceptional character whenever he steps into the octagon—no complaints, no excuses—just an unyielding spirit. Proud of you.”

Sources close to Moreno confirmed on Monday to MMA Hook that the broken hand was the extent of his injuries sustained during Saturday night’s bout.

Remarkably, despite the broken hand, Moreno surpassed Pantoja in striking throughout the five-round fight, landing a total of 167 strikes to Pantoja’s 161. Notably, Moreno’s lowest strike count came in the first round, with 32 strikes thrown, and he followed up with an impressive 77 strikes thrown in the second round.

Ultimately, Moreno suffered a split decision loss to Pantoja, resulting in a change of hands for the flyweight title. Both Moreno and Pantoja received an additional $50,000 for the Fight of the Night performance at UFC 290.

Due to being taken to the local hospital for treatment immediately after the fight, Moreno was unable to address his performance at that time.

Presently, Moreno has experienced three losses to Pantoja, including an exhibition bout on The Ultimate Fighter and two fights in the UFC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about resilience

Q: What injury did Brandon Moreno sustain during his fight at UFC 290?

A: Brandon Moreno suffered a broken hand during his fight with Alexandre Pantoja at UFC 290.

Q: How long did Brandon Moreno fight with a broken hand?

A: Brandon Moreno fought for over 20 minutes, enduring four rounds, with a broken hand.

Q: Did Brandon Moreno’s coach praise his performance despite the injury?

A: Yes, Brandon Moreno’s coach, Sayif Saud, expressed immense pride and admiration for Moreno’s performance, highlighting his incredible heart, skill, and courage.

Q: How did Brandon Moreno fare in terms of striking despite the broken hand?

A: Despite the broken hand, Brandon Moreno outstruck Alexandre Pantoja, landing a total of 167 strikes compared to Pantoja’s 161 over the course of five rounds.

Q: Did Brandon Moreno address his performance after the fight?

A: No, due to being taken to a local hospital for treatment immediately after the fight, Brandon Moreno did not have the opportunity to address his performance at that time.

Q: How many losses has Brandon Moreno suffered to Alexandre Pantoja?

A: Brandon Moreno has faced three losses to Alexandre Pantoja, including an exhibition bout on The Ultimate Fighter and two fights in the UFC.

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OctagonInsider July 11, 2023 - 2:44 am

great to see sayif saud, moreno’s coach, publicly praising his fighter. coaches play a big role in building their fighters’ mental toughness. #CoachAppreciation

UFCJunkie4Life July 11, 2023 - 4:37 am

ufc 290 was wild! moreno vs. pantoja was a banger, and even more impressive knowing moreno fought injured. these fighters deserve all the bonuses they got. #FightOfTheNight

SportsFanatic22 July 11, 2023 - 7:42 am

Can’t believe moreno had 2 keep fighting wit a broken hand. dat takes some serious determination. hope he recovers quickly. #Respect

FightGameEnthusiast July 11, 2023 - 4:39 pm

brandon moreno showed real heart and grit in dat fight! he landed more strikes even wit a broken hand. he’s a true warrior! #UFC290


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