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Zhang Weili no-sells potential Yan Xiaonan, Tatiana Suarez fights: ‘I’m only focusing on’ Amanda Lemos

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Strawweight Championship Bout

Zhang Weili is gearing up for her return to the octagon after her decisive victory over Carla Esparza, marking her as a two-time strawweight champion. Her anticipation for action is evident as she prepares for UFC 292, where she is set to face Amanda Lemos in the co-main event of the pay-per-view. This will be Lemos’ first opportunity at claiming the championship belt, having secured impressive wins against Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson.

Despite several potential contenders, such as Yan Xiaonan, who showcased her prowess by defeating Jessica Andrade and Mackenzie Dern in her recent bouts, the choice to pit Zhang against Lemos had been in the works for a substantial period. Zhang clarified that the decision wasn’t unexpected, given that plans for her fight with Lemos had begun even before Yan’s latest victory over Andrade.

While Amanda Lemos possesses a strong fighting record with a 7-1 record in her last eight UFC matches, she hasn’t gained much recognition as a title threat. Despite the potential draw of a Zhang vs. Yan match in China, where the UFC has been making strides, Zhang remains focused solely on her upcoming match with Lemos, casting aside considerations of future bouts.

Zhang takes a pragmatic approach regarding Yan and Tatiana Suarez, the other formidable contender in the division. She acknowledges that any of the top five fighters in her weight class could be potential opponents, including Tatiana Suarez, who showcased her skills by submitting Andrade at UFC Nashville, maintaining her perfect record.

However, Zhang’s attention is resolutely centered on her clash with Lemos. Lemos has been vociferous during the lead-up to the fight, emphasizing her prowess in both grappling and striking. Zhang is undeterred by this talk and accepts the challenge, recognizing Lemos’ skills but equally highlighting her own strengths, including knockout power.

In terms of strategy, Zhang draws inspiration from a famous Bruce Lee quote, intending to fight like water: fluid, adaptable, and able to exploit even the smallest mistake made by her opponent. Her goal is to display a seamless, flowing style, capable of wrapping up Lemos and capitalizing on any opening that emerges. Until her bout with Lemos is concluded, Zhang’s focus remains firmly on the task at hand, with any future considerations taking a backseat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Strawweight Championship Bout

Who is Zhang Weili’s next opponent after becoming a two-time strawweight champion?

Zhang Weili’s next opponent is Amanda Lemos. They will face off in the co-main event at UFC 292.

Has Zhang Weili been preparing for this fight for a while?

Yes, Zhang Weili and her team have been working on the fight against Amanda Lemos for quite some time, even before Yan Xiaonan’s recent victory.

What are Zhang Weili’s thoughts on potential matchups against Yan Xiaonan and Tatiana Suarez?

Zhang Weili is focused solely on her upcoming fight with Amanda Lemos and isn’t thinking about potential matchups with Yan Xiaonan or Tatiana Suarez at the moment.

Why is there chatter about Yan Xiaonan potentially getting the next title shot?

There’s talk about Yan Xiaonan potentially getting the next title shot because of her recent victories and the potential for a major attraction in China between her and Zhang Weili.

What strategy does Zhang Weili plan to employ against Amanda Lemos?

Zhang Weili aims to fight like water, displaying a fluid and adaptable style to capitalize on any mistakes Amanda Lemos makes.

What quote is Zhang Weili drawing inspiration from for her strategy?

Zhang Weili is drawing inspiration from Bruce Lee’s famous quote about fighting like water.

Is Amanda Lemos considered a threat to the strawweight title?

Despite her solid resume, Amanda Lemos hasn’t gained much recognition as a title threat in the strawweight division.

How is Zhang Weili approaching her fight against Amanda Lemos?

Zhang Weili is approaching her fight with Amanda Lemos with a focused and determined mindset, seeking to showcase her skills and secure victory.

What is the significance of Zhang Weili’s fight against Amanda Lemos?

Zhang Weili’s fight against Amanda Lemos marks her return to the octagon as a two-time strawweight champion and aims to defend her title.

Is Zhang Weili considering future matchups at this point?

Zhang Weili is not contemplating future matchups until she completes her fight against Amanda Lemos at UFC 292.

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