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Will Marlon Vera Keep the Streak Going in UFC San Antonio Gambling Preview?

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After 8 weeks of action, the UFC is finally wrapping up its first quarter event with a Saturday fight night between Marlon Vera and Cory Sandhagen. Along with that match, UFC has arranged 11 other fights which will give you lots of chances to make bets! All the betting odds are provided by DraftKings Sportsbook. There’s also a photo included, taken by Chris Unger from Zuffa LLC.

Taking a Risk

Yana Santos is +210.

It’s really cool how this fight connects two other fights. Holly Holm beat Irene Aldana and then she lost to Ketlen Vieira, while Julia Santos beat Vieira and then she lost to Aldana. Even though this sort of thing normally isn’t useful in MMA, it might tell us that this fight is pretty close. Holly Holm is the better technical fighter but she doesn’t look great these days. She mainly plays by physical contact and her skills are not as good as they used to be, which isn’t good for someone who is almost 42 years old. On the other hand, Santos has been inactive for two years and was never amazing in MMA at first place.

Some bettors think it’s too risky to place bets on this fight because anything can happen. But at really good odds of +200, I’m willing to take a chance!

“Take a Risk and Get Rewarded

Marlon Vera is likely to win this fight by decision, and you can get rewarded with an impressive +600. He’s known for finishing his fights quickly, but in the past he’s also won two out of four bouts with decisions. Cory Sandhagen is quite enduring, so he’ll try to out-work Marlon Vera. However, Marlon will still bring high energy offense into the ring and it could look similar to his match against Rob Font. It’s a decent bet with incredible odds – so worth taking a chance!

Manel Kape is predicted to win through submission round, again at odds of +600 – so it’s definitely worth considering too!”

Kape is usually seen as a very talented fighter, but he also has some sneaky techniques that work best on ground strategies. Out of the 18 fights he’s had in his career, 5 of his wins have been by submission and would probably be 6 if David Dvorak luckily escaped when they two were fighting back in December. Additionally, 5 out of Perez’s 7 defeats have been caused by submission taps, so I’m going to make a bet on Preston Parsons winning by Submission. +225

This bet that I like is rooted in the fact that nine out of ten victories for Parsons are from submission, and two of Giles’ four losses have come from tapping out. Although Giles isn’t a weak grappler, I still think Parsons is more skillful on the ground and capable of bringing things there if needed.

Pacifist Parlay

We think these fights will all last for a while, so we picked the Pacifist Parlay. Marlon Vera and Cory Sandhagen are both very good fighter – they have been in 28 and 19 fights and neither of them has been stopped quickly. In fact, Sandhagen has only been stopped once with a rear-naked choke from Aljamain Sterling. This means we expect them to go into their championship rounds (in other words fight for a long time).

The upcoming match will be between Holly Holm and Yana Santos and it is supposed to last for more than 2 rounds.

Holly Holm has won 14 fights in her career, 8 of which were by knockout. However, 6 of those knockouts happened before she joined the UFC. In all 13 of her UFC fights since then, she hasn’t been able to get a single knockout victory. And Jessica Santos, who Holly is fighting next, hasn’t stopped anyone in 4 years and seems unlikely to against someone like Holly who’s 41 and hadn’t managed to finish anyone in the last 6 years.

Andrea Lee and Maycee Barber will have a two-round match. In 19 fights, Andrea has only lost once while Maycee hasn’t lost once in her 13 fights! They’re likely going to fight for a long time. If you put three bets together on this fight, then you can get a 149 odds return!

“Fighting for the Draw

Marlon Vera and Cory Sandhagen will tie in their fight, and no one of them will be declared the winner. They are both going to receive 5000 (which is a lot of money) for this fight.

I am betting on a long shot since I strongly believe something will happen in this fight. Sandhagen’s style is based on making a lot of moves while Vera fights with power and strength which may cause one fighter to have a bad result even though they win three rounds. Recently, the judging has been weird and last weekend the fight could have ended up as draw thanks to the referee taking away a point. Even though it’s unlikely, I still hope it comes true!

Smile Your Way to the Bank

It’s the second time in a row that we’ve made lots of money! So far, this year has been really challenging but now things are looking better. Let’s make more money this week so we can enjoy our time off with a smile! Enjoy the events and good luck to you all, but don’t forget to gamble wisely.

This article gives you news and fun stuff to think about, but it’s important to make sure you’re following the law when it comes to online sports betting. You should make sure you know what your local laws say before placing any bets.

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