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Watch Now: Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anthony Pettis Full Fight Video Highlights

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Check out the full fight video between Roy Jones Jr. and Anthony Pettis! This happened on April 1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Fiserv Forum. You can watch it on UFC Fight Pass, PPV.com, or other platforms. To get a brief overview of the fight, you can check out the highlights below!

To understand more about Jones Jr. vs. Pettis, take a look at the live blog below.

Round 1: Anthony Pettis arrived in the ring first to cheers from the crowd and Roy Jones Jr. came second, saying this would be his last time in the ring. They hugged and then started fighting. Pettis tried to hit him with punches but was not successful, while Jones had more luck jabbing him. Jones put his back against the ropes, Pettis tried hitting at his body and head but neither of them got many strikes in. Jones was faking some moves but he wasn’t able to land any hits on Pettis when the bell rang.

Pettis got a score of 10 out of 9 from MMAHook.

Round 2: It’s time for the second round and Jones comes out with a jab while keeping his guard up. He lands another jab on Pettis, who punches but all of them are blocked by Jones. Jones gets two jabs in before Pettis finally lands a punch on him. This time he goes to the stomach area, cleaning landing a punch. Repeatedly, Pettis throws punches to Jones’ midsection, which results in Jones getting hit there multiple times. On top of that, at the end of this round, Jones smiles at Petits after taking the body shots from him. After two rounds, it looks like Petits is doing better since he landed many clean hits to the body of Jones.

MMAHook thinks that the round goes to Pettis with a score of 10-9, and an overall score of 20-18.

Round 3: If Pettis can keep hitting Jones in the body, he should be in good shape because his punches to the head don’t seem to be getting past Jones’s guard. Jones throws a left hook and then a jab to the body, before Pettis has some success with a left hook of his own. Jones then smiles and lands another quick jab. He follows it up with a powerful right hand and then a left one which both land cleanly. The 54-year-old is gradually becoming more confident while Pettis tries new tactics. As the round ends, Jones keeps Pettis on his toes by going for the body again just as the bell rings.

MMAHook said that Jones won the round 10-9 and Pettis won the match overall by 29-28.

At the start of the fourth round, Pettis was trying to land jabs but not getting through Jones’ tight guard. Jones was feinting very well and throwing hard jabs followed by one-two combinations. When Pettis darted in, Jones blocked a body shot, then threw a left hook near the bell. It seemed like Jones had an edge at the end of this round.

MMAHook has given the round to Jones with a score of 10-9, and the overall result is a draw of 38-38.

At round 5, Pettis needed to pick up the momentum he had earlier. Jones started with a jab and a nice right hook. He kept on throwing jabs and left hands, while Pettis was countering with body shots. In the tie-up against the ropes, the referee warned about potential headbutts. Jones also got some punches in with a left hand before the bell ended. It was definitely a close round.

MMAHook gave Jon 10 points and the opponent 9, making Jon’s total score 48/47!

The sixth and final round of a competitive fight is underway. Pettis needs this round to win, so he tries his best by throwing punches like a left hook at Jones’ head. Jones responds by punching Pettis in the body. Both fighters try for combos, but no one gets through. As time runs out, Jones lands some jabs and a counter left hook and the fight ends. Now it’s up to the judges to decide who the winner is, but I think it’ll be Jones!

MMAHook gave 10 points to one fighter and 9 points to the other fighter in a fight. And, based on the two fighters’ scores added together at the end of the fight, the total score was 58 for one person and 56 for the other person.

Round 7: Oh, right. This fight is actually eight rounds long. Jones is doing a great job by throwing out his jabs and they’re hitting their target. Pettis throws two right hands at Jones, one to the face and one to the body. Another quick jab from Jones grazes Pettis’s nose before he retaliates with a left hook, which is countered successfully by Jones who then grins back to his corner team in triumph.

MMAHook gave Jones 10 points out of a possible 10 for the round, and he ended up with a total score of 68 out of 65.

Round 8: Pettis and Jones are both boxing hard. Jones is landing punches, like left hooks and jabs, and throws a big right hand that finds the mark. Pettis is swinging but not connecting. During the last 25 seconds, Jones lands big lefts to Pettis’ midsection. On his last 10 seconds of rounds, Pettis empties all he has before they tie up. It looks like Jones will win this fight.

MMAHook thought that Jones won the fight by 10 out of 9 rounds and overall he won 78 out to 74.

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