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Watch Jose Aldo and Jeremy Stephens’ Epic Fight Highlights Now!

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Recently, Jose Aldo and Jeremy Stephens fought each other in a featherweight competition. The event was held on April 1 at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Videos of the fight were shared by UFC Fight Pass, PPV.com, and other outlets. If you want to watch the highlights of this fight, you can find them online. To know more details about this fight, you can also read a live blog from MMA Fighting.

At the start of Round 1, Aldo and Stephens were both ready to fight. The crowd cheered loudly for Aldo as they started by feeling each other out. Stephens tried an uppercut but missed, then he landed a jab. Aldo responded back with a punch to Stephens’ body and followed up with three more jabs. But Stephens couldn’t quite hit his opponent again. Aldo switched over to combo punches which all hit their mark, then he got in another strong jab at Stephens’ body. In the last 35 seconds of that round Aldo’s jabs still scored well against Stephens and even blocked his hard right hand attack. At the end of this first bout, Stephens had managed to graze Aldo with an overhand right before time was called on Round 1.

MMAHook thinks that Aldo did better in the round and gave them a score of 10-9.

At the start of Round 2, both fighters landed some clean punches. Aldo was moving backward and threw a nice jab back at Stephens. Then they got into close range, and Aldo blasted him with an awesome left hook to the body, plus a right hand to the body and an uppercut too! He kept on making jabs to the body and Stephens tried to counter with some top-shots, but he didn’t stand a chance against Aldo’s big right hand. Towards the end of this round, Aldo kept hitting Stephens in his ribs with more powerful punches which ended when Stephens threw one last jab before time ran out. Most people think that Round 2 went to Aldo.

MMAHook gave one round to Aldo and added up 10 points where the overall score became 20-18 in favor of Aldo.

Round 3: They bump fists and then start the third round. Aldo is staying back and patiently letting Stephens go first, but quickly throwing punches when he can. He hits Stephens with a hard jab and then another combo of punches. Stephens tries to punch back but Aldo dodges it and sends a right jab. He keeps jabbing at Stephens, who gets warned for punching too hard to the back of his head. As they get closer to the end of the round, Aldo lands another right hand while Stephen manages his most powerful strike that round with a right hand — but still not enough against Aldo’s momentum.

MMAHook gave Aldo 10 points in one round and 27 points overall.

Round 4: After nine minutes of action, Stephens is doing quite well for himself. He’s coming out aggressively and even throwing in some nice feints that appear to be fooling Aldo. Stephens is managing to land punches, jabs, and hooks more often and also scoring points with combinations of punches to the head and body. Aldo comes back at him with a sneaky right hand that lands two times. The round ends with both contestants talking trash towards each other which may indicate that this round was good for Stephens – they referred to him as ‘Lil’ Heathen’.

MMAHook gave the round to Stephens with a score of 10-9 while Aldo overall got a score of 39-37.

Stephens and Aldo start Round 5 by touching gloves. Stephens throws a right hand, but Aldo punches back with combination of punches. Stephens tries to punch his opponent in the body while Aldo continues with jabs and left hands. But Stephens fights back with a jab. Then both fighters exchange some more punches before Aldo lands another hard right hand and shakes his head at Stephens. The round ends with Stephens landing the final punch, making it a close round. Even though it was close, it looks like Aldo has the lead.

MMAHook scored this fight 10 points for Jose Aldo and only 9 points for his opponent, which makes the overall score 49 to 46 in favor of Aldo.

Round 6: Aldo and Stephens started with a hug instead of touching gloves. Right away, Aldo threw out a lot of punches! Stephens tried to hit Aldo’s body, but Aldo shook his head no. They both swapped punches, with each landing some good hits here and there. The last minute was wild – they were throwing punches at each other left and right! It was a really close fight, but in the end it looked like Aldo might win this one.

The judge scored the round at 10 points for Stephens and the fight ended with Aldo winning by 58 points to 56.

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