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Video: Jake Paul, Nate Diaz’s crews involved in fierce melee following intense press conference

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Jake Paul Nate Diaz brawl

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz steered clear from physical confrontation themselves, although the same can’t be said for their respective crews.

A fiery press conference, characterized by a verbal volley of curses between the fighters, proceeded without physical conflict, despite being in front of a Dallas audience. However, the moment Paul and Diaz were apart, the atmosphere turned volatile, but not because of the two main event contenders for Saturday night’s fight.

The altercation instead originated from some shoving among security personnel and team members representing both Paul and Diaz, which escalated into a full-blown brawl on stage. With Paul and Diaz out of the way, a multitude of people got involved in the chaotic scene, though those security guards not actively fighting were quick to diffuse the situation before it spiraled out of control.

During the press conference, Diaz pointedly addressed a member of Paul’s security, with whom he’d apparently had a previous dispute. Whether this specific security member participated in the subsequent brawl remains unclear.

“The real bully? That bouncer over there who I smacked with a beer when he thought he was tough,” Diaz proclaimed. “I hit that jerk right in the face. He’s the bully. To hell with him, to hell with you, and to hell with MVP.”

Paul responded to Diaz’s diatribe with a grin, encouraging Diaz to continue his tirade while promoting his rematch offer for an MMA fight after their upcoming boxing match.

“Bring it on. I’m loving it,” Paul responded. “Nate’s fired up. We’ve stirred the sleeping giant. Bring it on, Nate. I’m loving it. Speak your mind, Nate. Speak your mind.”

Despite the press conference taking a nasty turn momentarily, Diaz remained unfazed by the incident, particularly given his history of being involved in far more intense situations. Many remember the infamous 2016 incident involving Diaz and his team throwing water bottles at Conor McGregor, who retaliated by throwing soda cans during a brawl at the MGM in Las Vegas.

This time, Diaz didn’t appear overly concerned by the brawl between his team and Paul’s.

“There’s no need for disrespect and excessive trash talk,” Diaz commented during the broadcast. “I’m here to compete. He’s a little punk and that’s what I’m dealing with, and I’m prepared for that. Whatever comes my way, I’m ready for a full-on battle. I’m cool with it.”

Following the incident, Paul took to social media to claim that Diaz’s team was distressed about the brawl, which allegedly resulted in someone needing stitches once the two crews were separated.

“Diaz’s team has contacted mine alleging assault after his crew threw the first punch,” Paul posted. “Seems like the guy who started it all is now in the hospital getting stitches. It’s amusing how these pretentious thugs are behaving!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jake Paul Nate Diaz brawl

Who were the main individuals involved in the heated press conference?

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz were the main individuals involved in the press conference, although the subsequent brawl included members of their respective teams and security personnel.

What happened during the press conference?

During the press conference, Paul and Diaz exchanged heated words but did not physically confront each other. It was only after they separated that a brawl broke out between their respective teams.

Who started the physical confrontation?

The physical confrontation was initiated by members of the teams and security personnel representing Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, not by the fighters themselves.

What was Nate Diaz’s reaction to the brawl?

Nate Diaz appeared to remain unfazed by the brawl. He stressed that he was there to compete and not for disrespect or excessive trash talk.

What was Jake Paul’s response after the incident?

Jake Paul took to social media claiming that Diaz’s team was upset about the brawl and had contacted his team alleging assault. He also mentioned that the individual who started the fight ended up needing stitches.

Was there a prior altercation between Nate Diaz and a member of Paul’s security team?

Yes, during the press conference, Diaz addressed a member of Paul’s security team with whom he had apparently had a prior altercation. However, it remains unclear if that particular individual was involved in the subsequent brawl.

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MMAguru August 4, 2023 - 7:17 am

Nate’s seen it all, man. No brawl can shake him off his game… Paul’s in for a surprise in the ring.

NateTheGreatFan August 4, 2023 - 7:22 am

love how diaz stays cool even with all this drama! he’s in for the fight, not the circus!

FightFan77 August 4, 2023 - 11:29 am

Can’t believe this stuff keeps happening, is this boxing or reality tv!?

BoxingTruth101 August 4, 2023 - 12:51 pm

Boxing is about respect, discipline. This isn’t it. These press conferences are becoming a joke.

PaulFanatic August 4, 2023 - 3:02 pm

Gotta say, Jake knows how to get under people’s skin. Diaz’s team started it, Jake’s guys just defended themselves…


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