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Video: Carlos Adames scores controversial knockout to retain title, opponent Julian Williams calls ref ‘terrible’

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Controversial TKO stoppage

In a contentious turn of events, Carlos Adames retains his title but is shrouded in controversy.

Carlos Adames, the standing interim WBC middleweight champion, successfully held onto his belt against Julian Williams (28-4-1, 16 KOs) in Saturday’s match in Minneapolis. Although Adames (23-1, 18 KOs) claimed victory with a knockout win, his opponent vehemently disputed the TKO stoppage right away.

Witness the climax of the fight in the footage below.

Adames was seen delivering potent blows and pushing Williams to the ropes. However, as Williams began to retaliate, referee Mark Nelson intervened, calling off the fight. The official halt came at 2:45 in the 9th round.

The video shows Williams responding with disbelief to the referee’s call, and commentator Mauro Ranallo also criticized the decision, stating, “the referee steals the headline.”

Williams later expressed his annoyance on Twitter, both with the premature ending and the scorecards, which at that point were favoring Adames (80-72, 78-74, and 77-74).

“I took on five people last night,” Williams tweeted. “Carlos Adames, three sightless judges, and one disastrous ref. I’ve always sought fairness, but I was denied that last night. I’m shattered.”

Stephen “Breadman” Edwards, Williams’ coach, mirrored those feelings on Twitter, particularly taking issue with the 80-72 scorecard and the stoppage’s timing.

Edwards further aired his grievances about the outcome post-fight.

“Couldn’t get a word out of [the referee],” Edwards commented, as reported by Boxing Scene. “I told him it was a typical A-side stoppage. Yes, it was a good fight. Yes, he was hurt, I’m not denying that. But when it’s a toe-to-toe battle, with no knockdowns, let it go on. If Adames is as deadly as they say, let him finish the job. He was tiring as well. Yet, predictably, it’s always the A-side that gets this treatment.

“Williams may not have another fight. At least let the match play out. Williams was only knocked down once. Adames, touted as boxing’s most feared man, never hit the canvas. Let him knock him out if he can.”

Adames, however, defended the stoppage, applauding Williams for enduring the fight’s challenging parts but concurring that the referee’s intervention was necessary for his opponent’s safety.

“When I landed those two rights, that’s when the ref called it off,” Adames said, as reported by Boxing Scene. “Had I landed another one, he might’ve been seriously injured.”

You can revisit the stoppage in the official highlights below, provided by Showtime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Controversial TKO stoppage

Who was the interim WBC middleweight champion during this controversial match?

Carlos Adames was the interim WBC middleweight champion during this controversial match.

Who was the opponent of Carlos Adames in this controversial fight?

Carlos Adames’ opponent in this controversial fight was Julian Williams.

Why was the fight between Carlos Adames and Julian Williams controversial?

The fight between Carlos Adames and Julian Williams was controversial due to the premature stoppage by the referee Mark Nelson, which was immediately disputed by Julian Williams.

What was the referee’s decision that Julian Williams disputed?

Julian Williams disputed the referee’s decision to stop the fight at the 2:45 mark of Round 9, calling it a premature stoppage.

What were the scorecards in favor of Carlos Adames at the time of stoppage?

At the time of stoppage, the scorecards were in favor of Carlos Adames with scores of 80-72, 78-74, and 77-74.

What was Carlos Adames’ response to the controversy?

Carlos Adames defended the stoppage, saying that the referee did the right thing to protect his opponent, as he believed a further punch could have caused serious injury.

What did Julian Williams’ trainer Stephen Edwards say about the fight?

Stephen Edwards, Julian Williams’ trainer, criticized both the 80-72 scorecard and the timing of the stoppage. He also argued for a fair match, suggesting Adames should have been allowed to finish the fight if he could.

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