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Vicente Luque feared for the future of his MMA career after brain bleed in UFC loss to Geoff Neal

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Vicente Luque is all set to make a comeback in his MMA career this Saturday at UFC Vegas 78 after a long hiatus due to a terrifying injury that almost brought his career to a standstill. He has earned the reputation as one of the most thrilling and active UFC fighters, having appeared 19 times in the octagon within seven years. However, he was compelled to take a break following a knockout loss to Geoff Neal in August 2022, which led to a brain bleed.

This serious health condition was kept under wraps until the Nevada Athletic Commission granted him permission to fight Rafael dos Anjos in a five-round main event on Aug. 12. Luque shared his experience on the MMA Hook podcast Trocação Franca, where he detailed his six-month suspension from the sport. The brain injury was monitored closely, but fortunately, it did not worsen. Though suspended from fighting, he continued training in various areas except for sparring to ensure a full recovery.

Initially, he was scheduled to fight dos Anjos on July 15, but the commission extended his medical suspension to a year due to the brain bleed, leading the UFC to postpone the fight. Luque had to undergo several exams and gain clearance from three neurologists before he was allowed to fight again.

He expressed gratitude to the commission and the UFC for prioritizing his health and wellbeing, and he utilized the time away from competition to hone his skills as a mixed martial artist. Despite appreciating the opportunity for growth, he couldn’t help but fear that his fighting career might be over.

Luque’s attitude remained positive, and he focused on improving various aspects of his game, especially his striking techniques. Once he began his camp for the fight against dos Anjos, he did spar, but less frequently, to allow his body to recover better. He also reflected on his hyperactive fighting approach and recognized the need to take time between fights to evolve, as he realized that his frequent appearances could be a hindrance.

His return to the octagon will pit him against dos Anjos, a former UFC lightweight champion. Luque anticipates a hard-fought battle and is prepared for his opponent’s grinding style. He views this fight as an excellent opportunity and believes it could be a spectacular contest that might boost his position in the rankings. He feels that this fight is exactly what he needs to reestablish himself at the top.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Vicente Luque

When is Vicente Luque’s return fight in the UFC?

Vicente Luque’s return fight in the UFC is scheduled for this Saturday at UFC Vegas 78, against Rafael dos Anjos.

Why was Vicente Luque absent from MMA?

He was absent due to a brain bleed that he suffered after his knockout loss to Geoff Neal in August 2022. The injury was serious and required time for recovery.

What did Luque do during his suspension from fighting?

He focused on non-sparring training like grappling, wrestling, conditioning, and hitting pads to recover fully. He also took time to develop new techniques and improve his game.

How did the UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission respond to Luque’s injury?

The UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission handled Luque’s injury with care, extending his medical suspension and ensuring he underwent necessary exams and clearance from neurologists before allowing him to return to the octagon.

What are Luque’s thoughts on his upcoming fight against Rafael dos Anjos?

Luque is excited and prepared for the fight against dos Anjos. He sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate his skill and potentially boost his position in the rankings, viewing it as the fight that could put him back at the top.

Did the brain bleed affect Luque’s training approach?

Yes, the brain bleed made him reassess his training approach. He avoided sparring for six months and focused on other areas to ensure complete recovery. It also made him pay more attention to his technical evolution, especially in striking.

Who cleared Luque to fight again after the brain bleed?

He was cleared to fight again after undergoing a series of exams and obtaining clearance from three neurologists who evaluated his condition.

What are Luque’s goals and feelings about his MMA career after this setback?

Luque remains committed to achieving his dream of becoming a champion. Although the injury made him reflect on his career’s fragility, he turned it into a positive experience by focusing on his technical growth and preparation for his return.

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MMA_Mary August 11, 2023 - 9:49 pm

i’m worried for Luque. Brain injuries ain’t no joke, hope he’s realy ready for this, not just rushing back in for the fans.

OctagonOscar August 12, 2023 - 4:04 am

Luque vs dos Anjos – could be the fight of the year! These guys always put on a show, going to be fireworks

TrainingTim August 12, 2023 - 6:15 am

His training adjustments sound smart. More fighters need to think long-term like this, it’s not all about the next fight. Health comes first!

ChampionCharlie August 12, 2023 - 9:19 am

Never thought something like this would happen to a tough guy like Luque, shows that even the best can face serious setbacks, Stay strong man!

JakeFightFan August 12, 2023 - 12:54 pm

Can’t wait for Vicente’s return! This guy is a warior, never gives up. big respect for coming back after such a serious injury


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