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Valentina Shevchenko on Mike Bell’s infamous 10-8 round: ‘He is going to live with that mistake forever’

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Valentina Shevchenko is not letting go of the controversy surrounding her recent fight against Alexa Grasso, and she’s especially fixated on that infamous 10-8 round given by judge Mike Bell. In a post-fight press conference and now, a few days later, she’s still seeking answers and expressing her discontent with the decision.

Shevchenko, the “Bullet,” acknowledges that her emotions are mixed. On one hand, she’s proud of her performance inside the octagon and believes she won three of the rounds decisively. On the other hand, she finds certain aspects of the decision completely unfair, particularly the 10-8 score in the final round. She questions why Mike Bell made such a decision, and she believes the whole world is eager to hear an explanation.

Bell’s scorecard has faced widespread criticism because, according to the Unified Rules of MMA, a 10-8 scorecard typically requires clear dominance, duration, and damage from one fighter. Shevchenko argues that these criteria were not met in the fifth round of the fight. Instead, she suggests that Bell might have had her winning three rounds and then changed his mind in the final round to avoid a clear victory on her side.

Shevchenko goes on to emphasize that a true 10-8 round is when a fighter is simply trying to survive, running away from their opponent, which she believes wasn’t the case in the fifth round. She highlights that the hits she landed on Grasso during the stand-up were impactful and shook her opponent, but there wasn’t significant damage. She firmly believes that a 10-8 scorecard for that round is unwarranted.

While she admits that the fight was close and can understand a split decision, it’s the scoring itself that irks her. She feels it should have been three rounds in her favor and two in Grasso’s on all three scorecards but not a 10-8.

Unfortunately, the score stands, and Shevchenko’s options for recourse are limited. The Nevada State Athletic Commission appears reluctant to address the matter, and appeals in such cases rarely lead to changes. Shevchenko hasn’t ruled out a possible appeal but will consider her options after rewatching the fight.

Despite the controversial draw, Shevchenko takes solace in knowing that she was the real winner in her heart. She believes her legacy won’t be affected because the truth is evident to the world, as seen by the fans who watched the fight.

However, Mike Bell might find himself in a precarious situation. Already facing backlash from fans over the scorecards, Shevchenko predicts that fighters may now scrutinize his judgments closely in future fights. She emphasizes that she fought with all her heart, secured a three-round victory, and it’s not her fault that a judge made a mistake. Bell’s professional reputation might take a hit because of this incident.

In conclusion, Shevchenko isn’t letting go of the controversy and still seeks an explanation from Mike Bell about his scoring decision. She wants to hear from him why he suddenly decided on a 10-8 round after three rounds in her favor. Despite her frustration, she does find some humor in the situation, noting that at least it wasn’t a 10-7 round.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about controversial judging

Q: What was the controversy surrounding Valentina Shevchenko’s recent fight against Alexa Grasso?

A: The controversy surrounding Valentina Shevchenko’s recent fight against Alexa Grasso stemmed from judge Mike Bell’s decision to score the final round as a 10-8 in favor of Grasso. This decision resulted in a split draw in the fight, despite Shevchenko’s belief that she had won three rounds clearly. Shevchenko and many in the MMA community found this scoring decision highly questionable and sought an explanation.

Q: Why was the 10-8 round by judge Mike Bell controversial?

A: The 10-8 round awarded by judge Mike Bell in the final round of the fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso was controversial because it did not meet the typical criteria for a 10-8 round in MMA. According to the Unified Rules of MMA, a 10-8 round should exhibit clear dominance, duration, and damage by one fighter. Shevchenko argued that these criteria were not met in the final round and questioned why the score was awarded in such a manner.

Q: What is Valentina Shevchenko’s stance on the scoring decision?

A: Valentina Shevchenko firmly believes that the scoring decision in her fight against Alexa Grasso was unjust. She maintains that she had won three rounds decisively and that the 10-8 score in the final round was unwarranted. She seeks an explanation for this decision from judge Mike Bell and remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the fight.

Q: Did Valentina Shevchenko consider appealing the decision?

A: Valentina Shevchenko did not rule out the possibility of appealing the decision. However, she mentioned that she would consider her options after rewatching the fight. Appeals in such cases are rare and often do not result in changes to the decision.

Q: How does Valentina Shevchenko feel about the impact of the controversial draw on her legacy?

A: Valentina Shevchenko maintains that the controversial draw does not affect her legacy. She believes that the truth about the fight is evident to the world and the fans who watched it. While the official result was a draw, Shevchenko is confident that her legacy remains intact because she knows she was the real winner.

Q: What are the potential consequences for judge Mike Bell following this controversy?

A: Valentina Shevchenko believes that judge Mike Bell may face increased scrutiny from fighters and their teams in future fights. She suggests that fighters may doubt his professionalism and judgment following the controversial scoring decision in her fight. This incident could have a lasting impact on Bell’s reputation as a judge in the MMA community.

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