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Update on Cristopher Lencioni: Bellator Fighter Suffers Brain Injury, Plea for Public Support from Wife

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Cristopher Lencioni Brain Injury

Bellator professional, Cristopher Lencioni, is conscious and reacting to his surroundings, however, he confronts a drawn-out recovery and an unpredictable future following a heart attack that occurred on June 8 in Spokane, Washington.

The 28-year-old Lencioni fell into cardiac arrest while engaged in jiu-jitsu training for the now-cancelled Bellator 298 bout, according to his wife, Marca Lencioni, who spoke with MMA Hook on Tuesday. She informed that Lencioni’s gym partners reported paramedics reaching the scene in about five minutes, employing a defibrillator twice before his admission to a nearby hospital.

Subsequent MRI scans demonstrated that the Bellator athlete sustained brain damage due to the cardiac episode, Marca said. Lencioni was discharged from the ICU last Friday in a disoriented state, which is often a sequel to traumatic brain injury.

Medical experts are on the lookout for indicators of his return to normalcy. During a Tuesday visit, Lencioni, also known as “Sunshine”, responded with a smile and removed his hand from an ice bag.

“The neurologists said, ‘We need to wait to see his capacity and his responses’,” Marca Lencioni stated. “Given his prior health, his youth, and athleticism, they are uncertain about the outcome. The brain’s complexity and his current situation mean they can’t provide a definitive prognosis. However, if anyone can bounce back from this, it’s him. He’s a true fighter – not just inside the ring.”

Although Lencioni seemed perfectly healthy, Marca mentioned that doctors suspect the attack may have been triggered by Long QT syndrome, a potentially lethal heart rhythm disorder that went unnoticed during a routine EKG in 2019.

Marca affirmed that her husband had no drugs in his system and was healthy during his heart attack.

Despite heavy sedation, Lencioni has attempted to stand on his own in the hospital, and at one point had to be held back for his own safety, she added.

“The fact that he’s making moves, trying to get up and function, it’s beyond the comprehension of the nurses and myself,” Marca explained.

With Lencioni discharged from ICU, doctors aim to move him to a long-term care facility in Idaho for continued recovery. However, the uncertain prospects of improvement and the expense of American healthcare have prompted Marca to reach out to the MMA community for assistance. A GoFundMe has been set up for the fighter, which has so far garnered nearly $29,000 out of a $250,000 goal.

Three weeks into his hospitalization, Marca stated that the medical bills have already crossed $300,000, leaving her momentarily speechless.

“I hope that state insurance can help cover some of the costs,” Marca said, “I’m prepared to sell my house if it means getting him the treatment he needs, even if it’s abroad.”

Marca expressed gratitude for the ICU doctors who initially attended her husband but feels alternative therapies could aid his recovery. She hopes for him to receive stem cell therapy in Mexico or Columbia, treatments not fully endorsed by U.S. medical regulators.

Marca said that Bellator officials have been “incredibly supportive” throughout the process, providing assistance to Lencioni.

As to whether “Sunshine” will ever return to the ring, Marca remains hopeful. “If anyone can overcome this, it would be him,” she said. “I’m not about to set any boundaries on what he can or cannot do – he’s been defying the doctors every single day since this happened.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cristopher Lencioni Brain Injury

What happened to Cristopher Lencioni?

Cristopher Lencioni, a Bellator fighter, suffered a heart attack during a jiu-jitsu training session for a now-cancelled fight at Bellator 298. As a result of the heart attack, he suffered brain damage and is now undergoing a lengthy recovery.

What is the current health status of Cristopher Lencioni?

Cristopher Lencioni is awake and responding to stimuli. He faces a lengthy recovery period and an uncertain future as he has suffered brain damage following a heart attack. Despite being under heavy sedation, he has shown signs of improvement like trying to stand on his own.

What is the cause of the heart attack?

Doctors believe the heart attack may have been caused by Long QT syndrome, a potentially deadly heart rhythm disorder that wasn’t flagged in a routine EKG in 2019.

What assistance is being sought for Cristopher Lencioni’s recovery?

Lencioni’s wife, Marca, has reached out to the MMA community for help with her husband’s medical expenses. A GoFundMe page has been set up, which aims to raise $250,000 to help with his medical costs. As of now, it has raised nearly $29,000.

Is there any possibility of Cristopher Lencioni returning to the ring?

While it’s currently uncertain, Marca Lencioni doesn’t rule out the possibility. She believes that if anyone can overcome such a situation, it would be her husband Cristopher, who has been showing a fighting spirit throughout his recovery.

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John MMAfan June 28, 2023 - 4:14 pm

Oh man, that’s tough news about Sunshine… praying for his recovery. Hang in there, Lencioni!!

DrDave June 28, 2023 - 4:51 pm

Long QT can be so sneaky, regular checks are crucial guys… hope he gets the best care possible, sending good vibes.

JiuJitsuJudy June 28, 2023 - 11:42 pm

This just shows, we’re never invincible. Every1 stay safe out there. Prayers for Lencioni. His journey ain’t over yet!

LauraL June 29, 2023 - 4:10 am

God bless you Marca and Cristopher! If anyone can fight this, its you Sunshine. Donated to the GoFundMe, let’s all pitch in people!

AlexBellatorFan June 29, 2023 - 7:21 am

Sad news. Chris is a true warrior and will fight through this, I’m sure of it! Gonna donate right now. We stand by u, Sunshine!

Mike_Fighter June 29, 2023 - 1:35 pm

Heartbreaking to see a fellow fighter go down like this. Hang in there champ, we’re all rooting for u!

Tina4Justice June 29, 2023 - 1:49 pm

medical bills are crazy in the US! It’s insane what his family has to go through… i hope he gets better soon.


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