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UFC Vegas 79 Betting Preview: Can Rafael Fiziev or Mateusz Gamrot Secure a Title Shot?

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UFC Vegas 79 Betting

After a whirlwind 16 weeks of relentless octagon action, the UFC’s midyear marathon is finally reaching its crescendo this Saturday as the octagon returns to the APEX with a lightweight main event pitting Rafael Fiziev against Mateusz Gamrot. With a stacked co-main event featuring Bryce Mitchell and Dan Ige, along with nine other compelling matchups, UFC Vegas 79 promises to be a spectacle for fight fans and bettors alike. Let’s dive right into the best bets for this week’s action.

As always, we’ll be referring to the odds provided by our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Straight Bets

Michelle Waterson-Gomez, +250

Now, astute fight enthusiasts might recall that Waterson-Gomez squared off against Marina Rodriguez in a main event two years ago, and she found herself on the wrong side of the scorecards. But here’s the twist: two years is an eternity in MMA.

The dynamics of the sport can shift dramatically in a short span, and Rodriguez’s form over the past year has been nothing short of lackluster. It’s worth noting that their previous encounter was at 125 pounds and spanned five rounds, whereas this fight is set at 115 pounds and runs for just three rounds. Waterson-Gomez enters the octagon with a clear path to victory—secure two takedowns—and given Rodriguez’s current struggles, an upset is entirely within the realm of possibility.

Ricardo Ramos, +114

Like many contests on this card, the outcome of this bout hinges on whether Ramos can consistently bring the fight to the ground. History tells us that anyone who manages to take Charles Jourdain down multiple times emerges victorious. Ramos, too, has a track record of winning when he executes takedowns.

The equation is simple here: Ramos should be able to take the fight down, as Jourdain isn’t known for his formidable defensive wrestling skills. Expect Ramos to find success on Saturday.

Prop Bets

Rafael Fiziev To Win By Decision, +250

The main event on this fight card is destined to be a barnburner, but it appears to tilt in favor of Fiziev. While Gamrot boasts exceptional chain-wrestling and grappling skills, he tends to struggle when it comes to maintaining dominant positions, relying heavily on his relentless pace. Fiziev, on the other hand, has exhibited remarkable takedown defense throughout his career and has demonstrated a knack for getting back to his feet when taken down.

What sets Fiziev apart is his impressive cardio, which should enable him to weather Gamrot’s torrid pace. With advantages in striking and a willingness to target the body, Fiziev is poised to seize control early in the fight. However, he may fall short of securing a finish, as no one has managed to stop Gamrot thus far.

Bryce Mitchell To Win By Decision, -115

Mitchell is undeniably one of the most dynamic grapplers in the featherweight division. His opponent, Dan Ige, is well-rounded but slightly lacking in the wrestling department. While Ige is the more polished striker, Mitchell has shown significant improvement in this area, earning respect with his striking prowess.

However, similar to the main event, Ige has never been finished, and it’s improbable that Mitchell will be the first to change that.

Parlay of the Week

Johnny Eblen, -535

We’re venturing into Bellator territory for one part of this parlay, as arguably the world’s best middleweight defends his title against Fabian Edwards on Saturday. Eblen embodies the classic wrestle-boxer archetype but excels in every aspect of the game. He could very well be the top middleweight globally at the moment. While Edwards is a competent fighter, he lacks the standout skills necessary to pose a significant threat to Eblen.

Rafael Fiziev/Mateusz Gamrot Over 1.5 Rounds, -525

Fiziev and Gamrot both have a track record of reaching the over 1.5 rounds mark in their previous fights. Out of 39 combined fights between these two warriors, only once has either of them been finished. Anticipate this bout to extend into the later rounds.

Bryce Mitchell/Dan Ige Over 1.5 Rounds, -450

In 8 of his last 10 fights, Mitchell has gone over 1.5 rounds, as has Ige in 9 of his last 10. Like the main event, these two fighters have rarely faced the prospect of being finished, suggesting that this fight should also pass the 1.5 rounds threshold.

Marina Rodriguez/Michelle Waterson Over 1.5 Rounds, -750

Both Rodriguez and Waterson-Gomez have a history of taking their fights past the 1.5 rounds mark. Even in their previous encounter two years ago, they went the distance without the fight coming close to a finish.

Combine these four bets for a parlay with -105 odds.

Long Shot of the Week

Tim Means By KO/TKO/DQ in Round 2, +1400

In a clash between two fighters on three-fight losing streaks, it might seem wise to steer clear of this bout. However, that’s not our style. Tim Means, despite nearing 40, has displayed surprising durability, and Andre Fialho is known for his chaotic fighting style with a tendency to avoid submission attempts. Fialho is likely to create a chaotic environment, and in such a scenario, Means has a reasonable chance of weathering the storm and landing a knockout blow on the somewhat fragile Portuguese fighter.

In Conclusion

We’re coming off a strong week, and while we were a whisker away from a massive win with Alexa Grasso, it was still a solid performance. Let’s ride that wave into UFC Vegas 79 and keep the winning streak alive.

Until next week, savor the fights, bet responsibly, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Please remember that all the information provided in this article is for entertainment, news, and amusement purposes only. Readers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with online gambling laws in their respective regions before placing any sports betting wagers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Vegas 79 Betting

What is the main event of UFC Vegas 79?

The main event of UFC Vegas 79 features a lightweight clash between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot, promising a high-octane showdown.

Who are some underdogs worth considering for betting in this event?

Two underdogs to watch are Michelle Waterson-Gomez, with odds at +250, and Ricardo Ramos, with odds at +114. Waterson-Gomez’s previous encounter with Marina Rodriguez was two years ago, and she’s seen improvements. Ramos has a chance to capitalize on his wrestling skills.

Why consider Rafael Fiziev winning by decision?

Rafael Fiziev winning by decision at +250 is intriguing because of his impressive takedown defense and cardio. He’s likely to withstand Mateusz Gamrot’s relentless pace while maintaining control throughout the fight.

Is Bryce Mitchell expected to secure a knockout?

Bryce Mitchell is a dynamic grappler, and while he could win by knockout, the odds suggest a decision victory at -115. Dan Ige has never been finished, making a decision victory a more likely outcome.

What’s the rationale behind the “Parlay of the Week”?

The “Parlay of the Week” combines Johnny Eblen’s -535 odds in a Bellator bout with Fiziev/Gamrot, Mitchell/Ige, and Rodriguez/Waterson fights going over 1.5 rounds. This strategic combination offers -105 odds for added excitement.

What’s the “Long Shot of the Week” and why consider it?

The “Long Shot of the Week” involves Tim Means winning by KO/TKO/DQ in Round 2, offering enticing +1400 odds. Means’ durability and Andre Fialho’s aggressive style create a scenario where this outcome is plausible.

Is there a reminder for responsible betting?

Certainly, always gamble responsibly. Sports betting should be enjoyed as entertainment, and readers must be aware of online gambling laws in their region before placing any wagers.

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