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UFC Vegas 77 Recap: Istela Nunes Incurs Severe Elbow Dislocation in Rapid 34-second Defeat

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UFC Vegas 77 Istela Nunes defeat

Istela Nunes experienced one of the worst Saturday nights one could possibly envisage.

During Saturday night’s UFC Vegas 77 preliminary bout, Nunes was pitted against the undefeated newcomer, Viktoriya Dudakova, in a promising strawweight face-off. However, the event took a sudden turn for the worse just 34 seconds into the first round. As Dudakova initiated a takedown, Nunes attempted to resist it by using an arm as support, but this led to a horrific dislocation of her elbow instead, causing Nunes to cry out in agony. Without hesitation, Referee Chris Tognoni intervened and brought the fight to a halt.

The shocking conclusion of the fight can be seen in the video below, shared by Spinning Backfist.

Regrettably, this injury marks Nunes’ fourth consecutive loss and is likely to keep her off the roster for a significant period. Meanwhile, this match marked Dudakova’s 7th professional victory and her first triumph in the UFC, though probably not in the way she had anticipated.

Further footage from the event documented the emotional aftermath of the injury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Vegas 77 Istela Nunes defeat

Who was Istela Nunes’ opponent in UFC Vegas 77?

Istela Nunes’ opponent in UFC Vegas 77 was Viktoriya Dudakova, an undefeated prospect in the strawweight category.

What injury did Istela Nunes suffer during the fight?

Istela Nunes suffered a severe elbow dislocation during her UFC Vegas 77 bout against Viktoriya Dudakova.

How quickly did the fight end?

The fight concluded in just 34 seconds into the first round, following the unfortunate injury to Istela Nunes.

What was the outcome of the fight for Istela Nunes and Viktoriya Dudakova?

For Istela Nunes, this marked her fourth straight loss, likely sidelining her for a significant period due to injury. Viktoriya Dudakova, on the other hand, notched her first UFC victory and maintained her undefeated status in her professional career.

Was the fight stopped immediately after the injury?

Yes, after Istela Nunes dislocated her elbow, Referee Chris Tognoni immediately jumped in and stopped the bout.

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MMAjunkie22 July 17, 2023 - 5:43 am

dang! just 34 seconds into the match, thats crazy… Wishing Nunes a speedy recovery. And props to Dudakova, tough way to get her first UFC win tho.

UFCNoob July 17, 2023 - 11:36 am

Who’s this dudakova? seems she’s quite the force! Undefeated and now a ufc win, will be interesting to see more of her fights.

ElbowGuardian July 17, 2023 - 2:59 pm

And people wonder y I always stress on learning how to fall properly! Dislocations r painful, hope Nunes recovers soon.

StrawweightChamp July 17, 2023 - 6:16 pm

That’s UFC for ya, nothin predictable. Expected a good scrap between nunes and dudakova but dang…hopin for a quick recovery for nunes.

FightFan99 July 17, 2023 - 11:22 pm

Wow, that’s tough! Feel sorry for Nunes, 4th loss and a bad injury… hope she gets back in the game soon.


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