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UFC Vegas 77 Highlight: Norma Dumont Earns Victory but Fails to Land Knockout as Chelsea Chandler Escapes Confrontation

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UFC Vegas 77

Norma Dumont had a chance at achieving a first-round knockout during UFC Vegas 77, however, a victory by decision was what she ultimately earned when Chelsea Chandler managed to avoid further damage by literally escaping from her after a heavy punch early on in the match.

UFC’s color commentator, Daniel Cormier, couldn’t hold back laughter as Chandler made a dash across the octagon, immediately after receiving a powerful blow from Dumont. Alongside him, Dominick Cruz humorously commented that “if there was a door, [Chandler] would have been out of there.”

Despite the unusual sight of a fighter running away to dodge another attack, Chandler’s tactic seemed to work. Dumont couldn’t seize the opportunity to inflict more harm. Regrettably for Chandler, the rest of the fight didn’t turn out much better. She consistently found herself on the losing end of the exchanges, with Dumont repeatedly taking her down at will.

When the match concluded, all three judges unanimously scored 30-27 in favor of Dumont. This marked her third consecutive win and moved her overall record to an impressive 6-1 over her last seven matches.

Dumont also got the chance to settle a disagreement with Chandler that had occurred backstage post the UFC Vegas 77 weigh-ins, prompting security to step in.

“Don’t mess with a Brazilian,” Dumont warned post-match. “Or else, expect consequences.”

Dumont didn’t shy away from addressing the uncertain future of the women’s featherweight division following the retirement of Amanda Nunes who relinquished her titles during UFC 289. Even UFC President Dana White implied that the division might be nearing its end with the departure of Nunes.

Nevertheless, Dumont remained hopeful and expressed her interest in competing for the featherweight title left vacant by Nunes.

“The division isn’t empty, I’m here,” Dumont passionately declared. “I want to let the UFC know, I’m present.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Vegas 77

Who won the match at UFC Vegas 77 between Norma Dumont and Chelsea Chandler?

Norma Dumont emerged victorious in the UFC Vegas 77 match against Chelsea Chandler. However, instead of a knockout, she won by decision.

What unusual event happened during the UFC Vegas 77 match between Norma Dumont and Chelsea Chandler?

Chelsea Chandler literally ran away from Norma Dumont after receiving a heavy punch early in the fight, an action that both the commentators found humorous.

What was the score given by the judges for the UFC Vegas 77 match between Norma Dumont and Chelsea Chandler?

All three judges scored the match 30-27 in favor of Norma Dumont.

What happened between Norma Dumont and Chelsea Chandler at the UFC Vegas 77 weigh-ins?

The fighters had a disagreement backstage following the UFC Vegas 77 weigh-ins, which required security intervention.

What did Norma Dumont say about the future of the women’s featherweight division?

Norma Dumont expressed her hopes for the women’s featherweight division’s future, stating she is ready to compete for the title left vacant by Amanda Nunes’ retirement.

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FightFan101 July 17, 2023 - 4:00 am

can’t believe Chandler ran away… hilarious but crazy strategy. It worked though, gotta give her that. Dumont still crushed it, big up!

BrazilianBruiser July 17, 2023 - 10:38 am

Don’t do this with a Brazilian, Dumont said! you tell em girl. Proud of her, representing Brazil in the UFC!

ChelseasChamp July 17, 2023 - 12:23 pm

tough match for Chandler but she did survive that first round punch. better luck next time Chelsea, still rootin for ya.

MMA_Master July 17, 2023 - 3:00 pm

Dumonts on fire! 3 wins in a row and she ain’t stoppin. watch out featherweight division she’s comin for the title.

OctagonQueen July 17, 2023 - 10:56 pm

omg did u guys see Cormier laughing, he could barely hold it in, lol! Not your usual UFC match, that’s for sure.


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