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UFC Fighter Nate Landwehr Dares Movsar Evloev: ‘I’ll Call His Ass Out’

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Nate Landwehr is ready to join the top 15 fighters in the UFC.

Jeremy Landwehr was supposed to fight an important opponent this past weekend, but his opponent was suddenly unable to compete. So instead he had a match with Austin Lingo and managed to win in the second round. His third consecutive victory earned him another reward and now he wants a quick follow-up so that he can get closer to becoming one of the best fighters in his weight division.

I had to face a tough opponent in Lingo, but I was able to find an opening. He started to tire out so I kicked him in the head and quickly followed up with a choke hold. My coaches were excited about my performance, and I’m happy that I didn’t get hurt during the match. Now let’s see when my next fight will be.

The UFC’s featherweight division is one of the most exciting divisions in professional sports – full of young, talented fighters ready to prove themselves. Nick Landwehr’s next fight could possibly be with Movsar Evloev, a very talented fighter who is currently ranked 10th for this weight class according to MMA Fighting Global Rankings.

I’d really like to fight Dan Ige, he’s a great fighter. We can see who will get the $50K prize! I think a match between myself and Billy Q [Quarantillo] would be entertaining for fans especially because Billy has good energy and strength which makes it an exciting fight. If he beats Edson Barboza, he’ll be 13 or 14, making it even better!

I really want to have a fight with Evloev Movsar since we have history. Back in M-1, he was the champion and I was the champion too. I even went all the way to Ingushetia where he is from and fought one of his friends, beating him and taking away the title. Unfortunately, before we could fight each other he caught COVID. So as you can see, there is definitely some history between us. Nobody else is brave enough to call out Evloev but I’m not afraid of him – I’m ready for a fight or maybe even a wrestling match!

Evloev is really good at Mixed Martal Arts (MMA). He hasn’t lost any match yet, is a former bantamweight champion and was booked to fight Landwehr at UFC Vegas 16 last year. Three more wins later, Evloev is now ranked No. 10 in the featherweight division of the UFC. This upcoming fight will be a difficult one for Landwehr as he aims to break into the top 15 fighters list but has no time to waste.

“My life is only one chance, and I’m 34 years old,” said Landwehr. “I have to take advantage of this opportunity now because it won’t wait for me. UFC gives me a lot of chances, so I have to make sure I use them. It’s like opening a door; if you are good enough, you can walk right through.”

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