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UFC 292 Payouts: Zhang Weili Tops Earnings, Outshining Sean O’Malley and Aljamain Sterling

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In the electrifying aftermath of UFC 292, where fighters duked it out at the TD Garden in Boston, the financial rewards have been laid bare. Zhang Weili, the reigning strawweight champion, emerged as the financial heavyweight, landing the most substantial disclosed payday of the night.

Zhang Weili raked in an impressive disclosed sum of $520,000 for her commanding victory over Amanda Lemos. This feat not only secured her place in the co-headliner slot of the Aug. 19 pay-per-view event but also placed her above the headlining duo of Sean O’Malley and Aljamain Sterling. The bantamweight title clash between O’Malley and Sterling showcased their talents and earned them each a flat purse of $500,000.

The disclosure of fighter salaries stemmed from a public records request through the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Inspections, the governing body overseeing the state’s athletic commission. These figures offer fans a glimpse into the financial rewards these fighters reap, albeit without accounting for potential pay-per-view bonuses and other financial incentives.

In the main event, Sean O’Malley etched his name in the bantamweight championship annals with a second-round knockout of Aljamain Sterling. In addition to their commission-reported salaries, both O’Malley and Zhang Weili gleefully pocketed $50,000 “Performance of the Night” bonuses, a cherry on top of their substantial earnings. Meanwhile, Brad Katona and Cody Gibson, two formidable contenders who squared off in the bantamweight finals of The Ultimate Fighter 31 tournament, earned their share of the spotlight with a $50,000 bonus each for their exhilarating “Fight of the Night” battle.

The UFC 292 salary breakdown is as follows:

Main Card

  • Sean O’Malley ($500,000 + no win bonus = $500,000) defeated Aljamain Sterling ($500,000)
  • Zhang Weili ($520,000 + no win bonus = $520,000) defeated Amanda Lemos ($250,000)
  • Ian Machado Garry ($50,000 + $50,000 win bonus = $100,000) defeated Neil Magny ($134,000)
  • Mario Bautista ($43,000 + $43,000 win bonus = $86,000) defeated Da’Mon Blackshear ($27,000)
  • Marlon Vera ($155,000 + $155,000 win bonus = $310,000) defeated Pedro Munhoz ($150,000)

Preliminary Card

  • Brad Tavares ($100,000 + $100,000 win bonus = $200,000) defeated Chris Weidman ($426,000)
  • Gregory Rodrigues ($50,000 + $50,000 win bonus = $100,000) defeated Denis Tiuliulin ($14,000)
  • Kurt Holobaugh ($15,000 + $15,000 win bonus = $30,000) defeated Austin Hubbard ($32,000)
  • Brad Katona ($32,000 + $32,000 win bonus = $64,000) defeated Cody Gibson ($15,000)
  • Andre Petroski ($18,000 + $18,000 win bonus = $36,000) defeated Gerald Meerschaert ($100,000)
  • Natalia Silva ($40,000 + $40,000 win bonus = $80,000) defeated Andrea Lee ($70,000)
  • Karine Silva ($14,000 + $14,000 win bonus = $28,000) defeated Maryna Moroz ($50,000)

As the curtains closed on UFC 292, it’s essential to remember that these disclosed salaries are merely the tip of the iceberg. Sizable sponsorship deals, elusive pay-per-view bonuses, and discretionary post-fight rewards remain obscured from the public eye, leaving fans to speculate on the full extent of these fighters’ financial triumphs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about disclosed fighter earnings

What were the disclosed earnings for the fighters at UFC 292?

The disclosed earnings for the fighters at UFC 292 varied based on their performance and placement on the card. Zhang Weili, the strawweight champion, earned the highest disclosed payday of $520,000 for her victory over Amanda Lemos in the co-headliner. Sean O’Malley and Aljamain Sterling, the headliners, each received a flat purse of $500,000 for their bantamweight title fight.

How were the fighter salaries revealed for UFC 292?

The fighter salaries for UFC 292 were revealed through a public records request made to the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Inspections. This office oversees the state’s athletic commission and provided the information about the disclosed earnings of the fighters.

Were the disclosed salaries the only earnings for the fighters?

No, the disclosed salaries are not the only earnings for the fighters. These figures do not account for potential pay-per-view bonuses, other financial incentives, sponsorship deals, and discretionary post-fight bonuses that fighters might receive. The disclosed salaries give a snapshot of their base earnings for the event.

Who received the “Performance of the Night” bonuses?

Both Sean O’Malley and Zhang Weili received “Performance of the Night” bonuses of $50,000 each. O’Malley’s second-round knockout victory in the main event and Zhang Weili’s impressive performance in the co-headliner earned them these additional bonuses.

Which fighters were awarded the “Fight of the Night” bonus?

Brad Katona and Cody Gibson, who competed in the bantamweight finals of The Ultimate Fighter 31 tournament, were awarded the “Fight of the Night” bonus. Each of them received $50,000 for their exciting bout.

What was the venue for UFC 292?

UFC 292 took place at TD Garden in Boston, providing the stage for a night of thrilling fights and remarkable performances.

Are fighter earnings the same as their total income from the event?

No, fighter earnings disclosed in this context represent only their guaranteed salaries for the event. Fighters can earn additional income from various sources such as pay-per-view bonuses, sponsorships, and other incentives that are not publicly disclosed.

How can fans access the complete list of UFC 292 salaries?

The complete list of UFC 292 salaries is available in the provided text. Fans can refer to the breakdown of earnings for each fighter on the main card and preliminary card matchups.

Were there any bantamweight title changes at UFC 292?

Yes, in the main event of UFC 292, Sean O’Malley emerged victorious by securing a second-round knockout over Aljamain Sterling. This victory earned O’Malley the bantamweight title.

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