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UFC 290 results: Alexandre Pantoja ekes out split decision to beat Brandon Moreno and claim flyweight title

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UFC 290 Recap: Alexandre Pantoja Claims Flyweight Title with Hard-Fought Split Decision over Brandon Moreno

In an epic showdown that could easily be deemed the Fight of the Year, Alexandre Pantoja emerged victorious in a grueling split decision against Brandon Moreno, securing the flyweight championship in the co-main event of UFC 290.

The battle between Pantoja and Moreno will be remembered as one for the ages, as both fighters unleashed relentless assaults on each other throughout five rounds before reaching the final bell. The scorecards reflected the incredibly close nature of the bout, with two judges scoring the fight 48-47 in favor of Pantoja, while the third judge gave a 49-46 score in favor of Moreno.

Despite the razor-thin margin, Pantoja’s performance was enough to crown him the new flyweight champion, donning the UFC featherweight title for the first time.

After the fight, Pantoja acknowledged Moreno’s resilience, stating, “In the first round, I thought Moreno was done and he came back. This guy deserves all the love for Mexico. He deserves my respect, too. Now I worked so hard for that and now it’s my moment. If you know my story, you’re going to love me. I worked so hard for that. Moreno evolved so much. I didn’t expect a tough guy like that tonight. I worked so hard.”

Considering the intensity of their battle, it’s difficult to imagine these two fighters not crossing paths again. Notably, Pantoja now holds three wins over Moreno, including an exhibition bout during their time on The Ultimate Fighter.

Right from the opening moments of the fight, it was evident that this clash would be a war, with neither flyweight willing to yield an inch. Pantoja initially focused on taking the fight to the ground, while Moreno showcased his crisp striking, landing several powerful punches on the Brazilian.

Just as Moreno seemed to have control on the feet, Pantoja connected with a short punch that sent the flyweight champion crashing to the canvas. When Moreno rose to his feet, a large cut above his eye streamed blood down his face, a result of an elbow strike from Pantoja. Undeterred, Moreno pressed on, utilizing his striking from a distance.

Moreno repeatedly found success with a stiff jab, causing considerable damage to Pantoja. As the second round drew to a close, Pantoja appeared fatigued, while Moreno continued to land punches seemingly at will.

However, Pantoja altered the course of the fight by closing the distance on Moreno and taking the battle to the ground. Pantoja swiftly advanced to take Moreno’s back, hunting for a submission. Despite Moreno’s scrambling, he managed to break free and return to his feet.

Both fighters displayed incredible toughness and exchanged blows relentlessly, leaving no room for respite. Even on the ground, Pantoja attempted to assert his grappling dominance, but Moreno refused to grant him a moment of comfort. Towards the end of the fourth round, Moreno landed a devastating standing elbow, shifting the momentum once again.

Both fighters endured an astonishing amount of punishment, with Moreno seemingly landing the more significant strikes, while Pantoja absorbed every shot and kept pressing forward. Pantoja surged ahead in the final moments, initiating another grappling exchange where he mounted Moreno’s back while standing, unleashing a barrage of punches.

Pantoja maintained his position until the fight concluded, potentially making the crucial difference in the judges’ decision, given his dominance in grappling. Although Moreno exhibited remarkable aggression on the feet, it would likely require little persuasion to grant him another opportunity to face Pantoja in the future.

For now, the 33-year-old Brazilian can revel in his reign as the new flyweight champion, securing the most important victory of his career and elevating his overall record to an impressive 26-5 after his triumph on Saturday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about flyweight championship

Q: Who won the flyweight championship at UFC 290?

A: Alexandre Pantoja emerged as the winner of the flyweight championship at UFC 290 after securing a hard-fought split decision victory over Brandon Moreno.

Q: How did the fight between Pantoja and Moreno unfold?

A: The fight between Pantoja and Moreno was an intense battle that went the distance of five rounds. Both fighters displayed incredible skill and resilience, exchanging strikes and grappling exchanges throughout the fight.

Q: Were there any knockdowns or significant moments in the fight?

A: Yes, Pantoja managed to drop Moreno to the canvas with a short punch, and Moreno sustained a large cut above his eye during the fight. These were some of the significant moments that added to the intensity of the bout.

Q: How close was the fight in terms of scoring?

A: The fight was extremely close, as reflected by the split decision verdict. Two judges scored the fight 48-47 in favor of Pantoja, while the third judge scored it 49-46 in favor of Moreno.

Q: Is this the first time Pantoja has won a championship?

A: Yes, this victory at UFC 290 marked the first time Alexandre Pantoja won a championship, as he claimed the flyweight title.

Q: Will there be a rematch between Pantoja and Moreno?

A: While it’s not certain, considering their intense rivalry and the close nature of their fights, there is a possibility of a rematch between Pantoja and Moreno in the future.

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MMAFan89 July 10, 2023 - 11:45 am

wow, dat fight btwn Pantoja n Moreno wuz cray! Dem boiz went at it non-stop, blood flowin’, punches flyin’ all ova da place. Close af decision, but Pantoja took da belt! #UFC290

MMAInsider23 July 10, 2023 - 2:51 pm

Pantoja put on a masterclass in grappling! Moreno’s striking wuz on point tho. Split decision means it could’ve gone either way. Hats off to both warriors for bringin’ it! #MMAIntensity

SportsMania247 July 10, 2023 - 5:10 pm

Pantoja’s journey to da flyweight title is epic! He showed so much heart n determination, never givin’ up. Moreno wuz a beast too, respect to both fighters for an insane battle. #UFC290Champ

FanaticFighter July 11, 2023 - 5:14 am

Pantoja’s punches had powa! Moreno’s resilience was off da charts! Both warriors deserved da victory, but Pantoja edged it out. What a fight, had me on da edge of my seat! #FightOfTheYear

FightGameEnthusiast July 11, 2023 - 9:36 am

Pantoja vs moreno was a banger! Nonstop action, back n forth, both fighters bringin’ da heat. Judges had a tough job, but Pantoja earned dat win. Can’t wait for a rematch! #FlyweightWarriors


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