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UFC 290 Live Blog: Robert Whittaker vs. Dricus du Plessis

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UFC 290 middleweight showdown

Welcome to the live blog for the highly anticipated middleweight clash between Robert Whittaker and Dricus du Plessis at UFC 290, taking place this Saturday in Las Vegas.

Robert Whittaker, a former UFC middleweight champion, has faced a challenging year since his second loss to the current champion, Israel Adesanya. Despite defeating nearly every top-10 contender, Whittaker has been unable to secure a rematch with “The Last Stylebender.” In his quest for redemption, Whittaker aims to defeat yet another rising star, hoping that it will pave his way back to a title shot.

Dricus du Plessis, a former KSW welterweight champion, made an immediate impact upon entering the UFC in 2020. With an impressive record of five wins, four of them by stoppage, “DDP” finds himself on the verge of a title opportunity. Additionally, a win against Whittaker would not only solidify his contender status but also provide a built-in grudge match with the current champion. If du Plessis becomes the first non-Adesanya middleweight to defeat Whittaker, a monumental title fight awaits him.

Stay tuned as we provide you with real-time updates and commentary during the UFC 290 featured middleweight fight between Whittaker and du Plessis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 290 middleweight showdown

Q: What is UFC 290?

A: UFC 290 is a mixed martial arts event featuring various fights, including the highly anticipated middleweight showdown between Robert Whittaker and Dricus du Plessis.

Q: Who is Robert Whittaker?

A: Robert Whittaker is a former UFC middleweight champion who has been striving to regain the title after two losses to the current champion, Israel Adesanya.

Q: Who is Dricus du Plessis?

A: Dricus du Plessis is a rising star in the middleweight division, holding the former KSW welterweight championship. He has made a strong impression in the UFC with a series of impressive wins.

Q: What is at stake in the Whittaker vs. du Plessis fight?

A: The Whittaker vs. du Plessis fight is crucial for both fighters. Whittaker aims to prove himself as the next top contender for a rematch with Israel Adesanya, while du Plessis seeks to solidify his position as a title challenger and potentially set up a grudge match with Adesanya.

Q: How can this fight impact the middleweight division?

A: A victory for Whittaker would further establish his claim for a title shot, potentially leading to a highly anticipated rematch with Israel Adesanya. On the other hand, a win for du Plessis would elevate his status as a top contender and open the door for a future title opportunity.

Q: Where can I follow the live updates and commentary of UFC 290?

A: You can stay updated on the live blog for UFC 290, featuring the Whittaker vs. du Plessis fight, to get real-time updates and commentary on the event.

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fightgame83 July 9, 2023 - 9:25 pm

robert whittaker is an ex-champ, he needs to win this 4 shot at isreal adesanya again. dricusduplessis is a beast, tho! he’s on a roll! title shot could be his if he beat whittaker. can’t miss this fight!

fightfanatic007 July 10, 2023 - 4:00 am

check out the live blog for ufc 290 whittaker vs dricusduplessis! u don’t wanna miss the action! gonna be epic! who’s gonna win? can’t wait to find out! #UFC290 #WhittakerVsDricusduplessis


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