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UFC 287 Results: Jorge Masvidal Announces Retirement After Unanimous Loss To Gilbert Burns

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At UFC 287, Gilbert Burns won another exciting fight. After the match was over, Jorge Masvidal – who lost the co-main event – decided to retire and he hugged Burns while telling him to “go get that belt”.

“Hey everyone here in Miami! I’ve been doing this for 20 years now, that’s 50 fights! Just because your favorite basketball player might not be able to make those 3-pointers anymore or the quarterback isn’t throwing the ball as far doesn’t mean it’s the same with me. This is how I make money and it means a lot to me. With all of these fights, I’m good enough to have made millions of dollars. “

At the end of the fight, the judges decided that Burns was the victor. Afterward, he thanked his opponent Masvidal and expressed his desire to get a title shot at the welterweight division. He said “It feels good but I have to give credit to Masvidal. We’re here because of him; show some love for ‘Gamebred'”.

“I’m the only person in the UFC who is ready to fight at any time, so Leon Edwards and Colby Covington – whoever has that belt – I’m coming for you!”

At first, Burns and Masvidal were both waiting for the other one to make a mistake so they can go all out. After some time, Masvidal started to kick Burns’s legs which was hurting him.

As the fight went on, Burns was increasingly successful at hitting Masvidal with his overhand right. He also took Masvidal down at the end of the fight and hit him multiple times with his hammer fists while on the ground just before time ran out.

Burns threw a powerful uppercut and it made Masvidal fall down for a moment. As soon as Masvidal got back up, Burns quickly grabbed him and slammed him to the ground again.

Masvidal was just standing there while Burns tried to hit him, and the people in Miami were getting frustrated. Then Masvidal tried to move away but Burns quickly pushed him back down again.

With just 5 minutes to go, Burns started attacking with his left and then landed several powerful rights which caused Masvidal lots of pain throughout the fight. The strong punches back Masvidal against the cage, and Burns kept hitting him again and again.

Burns got Masvidal to the ground and threw some punches and elbows at him. When the clock ran out, Burns was grinning ear-to-ear while Masvidal took off his gloves to show that this would be his last fight.

Leon Edwards is expected to fight Colby Covington soon, but Burns hopes he can challenge him as the next No. 1. Belal Muhammad might be a contender as well, so they could possibly battle in the future. For now though, burns just won his second straight match against Masvidal and it was the last fight of Masvidal’s career.

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