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UFC 287: Kevin Holland Knocks Out Ponzinibbio, Challenges Masvidal

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Kevin Holland just had an amazing comeback fight by knocking out Santiago Ponzinibbio in the third round of their UFC 287 match. It was incredible to see as Holland showed off his powerful strikes throughout the battle. The win happened when he blocked a kick from his opponent and then unleashed a huge left hook that immediately sent him to the ground.

Referee Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight at 3:16 in the third round and Holland was declared victorious. After he won, Holland quickly began focusing on Jorge Masvidal because they had numerous arguments during this week going into UFC 287.

Holland said about the stoppage, “I would’ve kept hitting him if it had been anyone else.”

“Hey Jorge, I hope you’re ready for a fight tonight because if Gilbert Burns beats you, let me have a shot at that belt. Nobody is tougher than me and I’m more than willing to prove it. See you soon!”

Holland was attacking well and using his longer arms to keep Ponzinibbio far away from him. Ponzinibbio fought back with quick punches and a mean kick which hit Holland’s front leg several times.

Ponzinibbio tried to kick Holland, but got caught in the leg instead. To get revenge, Holland hit him with a back fist that made Ponzinibbio fall down. Even though he quickly got back up before the round was over, Holland still managed to show how powerful his punch could be even when in an unusual position.

Ponzinibbio kept moving away from Holland and hit him with strong kicks. But then, Holland got a chance to land one punch in the middle of all the attacks by Ponzinibbio and it hurt a lot!

Ponzinibbio was doing well for a while – continuing his leg kicks to make progress – but Holland had more power in his punches. It all ended when Holland blocked Ponzinibbio’s kick and then punched him out!

When Ponzinibbio got back up and objected, it showed in the replays that the referee made a good call. He fell face first after being hit by Holland’s punch.

Holland is watching the UFC 287 co-main event closely to see if Masvidal will accept his challenge and arrange a fight between them so they can clear out their differences.

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