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UFC 287: Adrian Yanez Shuts Down Critics of Foe Rob Font Ahead of Fight

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Adrian Yanez is getting ready for the most important test of his life, and isn’t paying attention to anyone who says his opponent has gotten worse after their last two fights.

Yanez and Rob Font are gonna fight each other during UFC 287 which is happening on April 8. Yanez, who’s 29 years old, has been watching Rob compete for some time now and he looks up to him a lot. In his last two fights in the octagon, Rob lost against José Aldo and Marlon Vera, who are among the best fighters in their division.

Some people think that Yanez has the upper hand because Font has lost his last two fights, but Yanez doesn’t agree. He insists that Font is still going strong.

Yanez said it bothered him that some people thought he was “done and finished” after his fights with Vera and Aldo. He argued that in both fights, he put up a strong performance and if not for some big shots from Vera, he would have won the fight. Yanez also pointed out that in the Aldo match, he was always in control of the situation.

I’ve been watching Rob Font’s latest fights and I can tell he’ll try his best against me. He’ll come into this fight with a full effort because of his past losses. But even in those fights, he looked really strong. So, anyone who thinks that Rob Font is done clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Yanez, a fighter from Texas, wanted to compete on the event taking place in San Antonio on March 25. He thought about giving up the chance to fight Font but then realized that this would be a great opportunity for him. Even though he was excited about fighting at home, he knew it was more important for him to get a chance to face an opponent with higher skill level.

Yanez said, “It’s a shame the fight won’t be in San Antonio, but it’s still Rob Font. We both made our first pro debut at the same time in UFC. Even though it’s not at home, this is a huge battle for me! It feels like I’m living out an old saying–keep trying and one day your idols will become your opponents.”

“I’m a big fan of boxing and I especially enjoy watching him fight. This experience is really special for me.”

Yanez is entering this fight with nine wins in a row and many of those wins were very fast. In August 2020, he knocked out his opponent in just 39 seconds, and five times his opponents have not even been able to get to the judges for scoring. His last fight was at UFC Austin in June, where Yanez defeated Tony Kelley very quickly in the first round.

Yanez has been given the opportunity to fight in UFC’s Bantamweight division, which is filled with many talented fighters. Even though the fight will be very important, Yanez isn’t feeling extra pressure on himself because of it. If he wins this fight, it could launch him into stardom.

I’m really excited and hopeful that if I pass this test, I’ll be able to face Rob Font. Even if the fight is close, it will still add to my experience of fighting top-level opponents, which in itself is a win! This means big things for me and no matter what the outcome may be I won’t get knocked back too much.

“For me, things can only turn out great. If I try my best and fight Rob Font, I know that I can beat him which would be really amazing.”

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