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Tyson Fury rips ‘little s***bag’ Joe Rogan for starting ‘absolutely ridiculous’ debate over Jon Jones

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Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury condemns Joe Rogan for igniting a nonsensical dispute concerning Jon Jones.

Fury has been a prominent figure in MMA news since late May, when he reacted strongly to a segment on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan expressed his confident belief that if Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones were locked in a room with only one man allowed to leave, Jones would emerge victorious.

Rogan’s remarks triggered a profane response from Fury, sparking a heated exchange between Fury and Jones. Even former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and UFC president Dana White joined in, with White advocating for a fight between Jones and Fury to settle the matter.

However, Fury believes the entire discussion has become ludicrous.

“Honestly, the idea of me fighting Jon Jones in a cage is absolutely ridiculous,” Fury stated at a recent Q&A session in Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA Gym in Phuket, Thailand, as reported by Bloody Elbow. “I am the lineal world heavyweight champion, tracing back to John L. Sullivan, the man who defeated the man. Why would I even consider entering a cage and engaging in wrestling and all that? It’s not my domain.

“It was actually Joe Rogan, that insignificant individual, who started all this. Out of nowhere, there was no talk of me or Jon fighting each other. Jon is a great guy, probably the greatest of all time in MMA. Rogan said, ‘Oh, if Tyson Fury goes in a room with Jon Jones, he’s going to get obliterated.’ Well, if someone enters a room with me, and it’s a no-holds-barred situation, they’ll have to kill me to stop me.”

“He didn’t specify an MMA fight or a boxing match; he just said going into a room together, and Tyson Fury won’t come out,” Fury continued. “So I don’t know where it all began, and Jon said something, and I said something, and we’ve been going back and forth.

“I never said I would step into a cage with Jon Jones and have my arm snapped off. No way. What I offered Jon was, ‘If you want to step into a boxing ring and earn some real money, then come and fight me.’ But there is zero chance of me entering an MMA game and grappling and all that. Zero.”

Earlier this month, Fury claimed in a live Twitter Space that the UFC had sent him a formal offer for a “hybrid rules fight” with Jones.

Jones isn’t the first UFC heavyweight champion to be linked to Fury. The lineal boxing champion and Ngannou have also engaged in a back-and-forth over a potential superfight for years. In April 2022, Ngannou even made an unexpected appearance in the ring alongside Fury after Fury’s victory over Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium. Ngannou’s desire to face a heavyweight boxing star played a role in his departure from the UFC. However, a bout between Ngannou and Fury has yet to materialize.

During the Q&A, Fury also addressed Ngannou and pointed out the track record of boxers failing miserably when attempting to transition to MMA fights with MMA rules.

“I offered to fight Ngannou in a cage under boxing rules with four-ounce gloves, and guess what? He got scared,” Fury said.

“Obviously, my expertise does not lie in takedowns and all that stuff; it’s a different world for me. It’s like saying, ‘Yeah, I’m going to fly a fighter jet.’ I have no idea how to fly a fighter jet. When it comes to stand-up combat, whether it’s in a cage or in close quarters, I’m ready. But MMA fights? Absolutely not.”

“Boxers don’t fare well in those fights,” Fury added. “I’ve only known one boxer to win, and that’s Ray Mercer when he knocked out Tim Sylvia with a single punch. That’s it. The rest of them, like James Toney, got demolished by Randy Couture. Many others have been defeated quickly because a boxer’s stance, standing upright and sideways, makes it easy for an MMA fighter to take them down and pummel them.

“So yeah, it’s not something I’m interested in at all. But if those guys want to step into my boxing world, they are more than welcome.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tyson Fury, Joe Rogan, MMA, Jon Jones, boxing

What is the debate between Tyson Fury and Joe Rogan about?

The debate between Tyson Fury and Joe Rogan revolves around the hypothetical scenario of Fury fighting UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Rogan expressed his belief that Jones would prevail in such a situation, sparking a back-and-forth exchange between Fury, Jones, and others.

Why does Tyson Fury dismiss the idea of fighting Jon Jones in a cage?

Tyson Fury dismisses the idea of fighting Jon Jones in a cage because it is not his domain. As the lineal world heavyweight boxing champion, Fury sees no reason to engage in wrestling or MMA-style fighting. He prefers to stick to his expertise in the boxing ring.

Has there been any offer for a fight between Tyson Fury and Jon Jones?

Tyson Fury claimed that the UFC sent him a formal offer for a “hybrid rules fight” with Jon Jones. However, the details and potential outcome of such an offer remain unclear.

Is there a possibility of a superfight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou?

There has been ongoing speculation and discussion regarding a potential superfight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou. Both fighters have expressed interest in facing each other, but as of now, no concrete plans or agreements have been made for such a matchup.

How do boxers typically fare in MMA fights?

According to Tyson Fury, boxers generally do not fare well in MMA fights. He mentions that while there have been a few instances of boxers winning in MMA bouts, the majority have faced quick defeats due to the advantage of MMA fighters in grappling and takedowns.

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