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Tyson Fury Displeased with Premature Oleksandr Usyk Fight Announcement: ‘That’s a Knockout Waiting to Happen’

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Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury isn’t taking Francis Ngannou lightly, even though his subsequent bout has already been set.

This Saturday, Fury squares off against Ngannou in a highly-anticipated boxing match set in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Yet, even before this bout occurs, Fury and his team have made public his next face-off against Oleksandr Usyk in December or January, a showdown that would determine the undisputed heavyweight champion of boxing.

Some see this announcement as a slight to Ngannou, and Fury concurs, indicating the decision was not his to make.

“I didn’t call the shots,” Fury clarified during an interview on The MMA Hour. “Never in a gazillion years would I have done that. But you know, the people who orchestrate these events, the ones bankrolling it, they call the tune. These promoters are the ones in charge. When someone’s writing the checks, they pretty much get to do as they please. But, personally? I wouldn’t have jumped the gun like that. I never put the cart before the horse.

“I was peeved when they made the announcement, but there’s more to it behind the scenes. My focus is laser-like, aimed squarely at Saturday night. The future will sort itself out. Right now, my battle is against Francis for the title of ‘World’s Baddest Man,’ and once that’s settled—only then—I’ll start thinking about my next steps. After I’ve had a breather and some quality time with my family, of course. I’ve just wrapped up a 12-week training camp, so the future can wait.”

Although it might seem disrespectful to announce another bout prematurely, Fury has statistical reasons for his confidence. According to DraftKings, he has overwhelming -1400 betting odds (which implies a whopping 93% win probability). The consensus among sports analysts is that he’s likely to make quick work of Ngannou, who is stepping into the boxing ring for the first time.

However, Fury cautions that one should never be swayed by these numbers or public opinion.

“You can’t put too much stock in odds or what the talking heads say, because none of them will be sharing the ring with me,” he emphasized. “Getting ahead of yourself is how you stumble. Take Anthony Joshua, for instance. Everyone was hyping his fights with me or Wilder, and then along comes Andy Ruiz on short notice, and what happens? Joshua is flat on his back, counting stars. I avoid that trap. I don’t care if I was going up against a nobody in a dive bar—I’d still train like my life depended on it.”

Fury drives home the point that he’s giving Ngannou the respect he deserves, a man whose roots trace back to tough beginnings.

“This dude is no joke. Ngannou is a 6-foot-4, nearly 280-pound behemoth who’s clawed his way up. You think I’d underestimate that and waltz in unprepared? Not a chance. I’ve put in as much effort for this fight as for any other. At this tier of competition, second chances are a fairy tale.”

So, this Saturday, with Ngannou standing at the opposite corner of the ring, Fury assures that any thoughts of his next bout with Usyk will be banished. His singular focus will be on vanquishing “The Predator” and extending his unblemished record, even if it complicates future schedules.

“Announcing fights before the first one is even over is a recipe for disaster—that’s how you end up facedown on the canvas,” Fury concluded. “All that matters is the here and now. If I have to break both my fists and endure a nasty cut to secure a win, you bet I will. Saturday night is the only game in town for me.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tyson Fury

Who is Tyson Fury fighting this Saturday?

Tyson Fury is set to fight Francis Ngannou in a highly-anticipated crossover boxing match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Has Tyson Fury already announced his next fight after Francis Ngannou?

Yes, Fury and his team have announced that he will be facing Oleksandr Usyk in either December or January, to determine the undisputed heavyweight champion of boxing.

What is Tyson Fury’s stance on announcing the Usyk fight before the Ngannou bout?

Tyson Fury is unhappy with the premature announcement. He believes it’s disrespectful to Francis Ngannou and states that he didn’t make the decision to announce it; the promoters did.

What are Tyson Fury’s betting odds against Francis Ngannou?

According to DraftKings, Tyson Fury is a massive -1400 betting favorite against Francis Ngannou, which implies an implied win probability of 93 percent.

What example did Tyson Fury use to caution against underestimating opponents?

Fury used the example of Anthony Joshua, who was heavily favored to win against Andy Ruiz but ended up getting knocked out. Fury stresses the importance of not taking any fight lightly.

Is Tyson Fury focused on his fight with Oleksandr Usyk?

No, Tyson Fury insists that he is entirely focused on his upcoming bout with Francis Ngannou. He states that any ideas about future fights with Usyk are out the window until after this Saturday’s match.

What is at stake in the fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou?

According to Fury, the title of the “World’s Baddest Man” is on the line in his bout against Francis Ngannou. He stresses that his full attention is on this fight and nothing else.

What is Tyson Fury’s training approach for fighting Francis Ngannou?

Tyson Fury has trained as hard for Francis Ngannou as he has for any other fighter. He emphasizes that at this level of competition, there are no second chances and that he is taking this fight extremely seriously.

Does Tyson Fury listen to the pundits or betting odds?

Fury warns against listening to pundits or relying on betting odds, stating that getting swayed by external opinions is a recipe for failure. He asserts that the only opinions that matter are those that come from within the ring.

How does Tyson Fury plan to maintain his undefeated streak?

Fury plans to do whatever it takes to maintain his undefeated streak, even if it involves breaking both his hands and getting cut. He insists that he is solely focused on beating Francis Ngannou this Saturday.

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