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Tracy Cortez believes it was ‘not an accident’ that Jasmine Jasudavicius pulled her hair at Noche UFC

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Tracy Cortez’s fiery performance at Noche UFC wasn’t solely fueled by the passionate Mexican fans rallying behind her. It was the heated exchange with her opponent, Jasmine Jasudavicius, that added fuel to the fire. In the waning moments of their intense battle, Cortez found herself grappling with a rather unorthodox issue – her hair.

During the bout, both fighters engaged in several clinches, often grabbing at each other’s heads. However, it was a particular incident in Round 3 that raised eyebrows. Replays appeared to confirm that Jasudavicius had latched onto one of Cortez’s braids, prompting an immediate exchange of words.

Cortez didn’t mince words when she shared her frustration about the incident on The MMA Hour. She stated emphatically, “She did pull my hair.” Describing the moment, she recounted, “There was a moment where we’re clinching, and her fingers are in my hair, and I’m like, ‘What the?’ And I’m defending, and then she goes and grabs the other side, and she’s pulling on the back of my braid here, and I feel it. There’s a different angle, a top angle, and you see my hair is getting pulled, and when she lets go, that’s where I get head-kicked.”

However, it wasn’t just the hair-pulling that irked Cortez; it was Jasudavicius’ response. She claimed that her opponent denied any wrongdoing, saying, “‘I didn’t f****** pull your hair.’ I was like, ‘No, you pulled my f****** hair.’ We’re professional in here, but that one did bother me.”

The bout, which spanned three rounds, was an intense affair with both fighters landing significant strikes and engaging in relentless grappling against the fence. Surprisingly, it was only towards the end that tempers flared, leading to Cortez’s justified frustration with Jasudavicius.

In Cortez’s view, there was nothing accidental about the hair-pulling incident. She stated firmly, “I don’t know. I just know I’ve never pulled hair in there. With the clinch and everything we get into, it’s, in my opinion, not an accident.”

Ultimately, Cortez emerged victorious with a unanimous decision win. This win held significant emotional weight for the 29-year-old fighter, as it marked her return to competition after a hiatus since May 2022, caused by several injuries. Despite her unbeaten record in the UFC, Cortez acknowledges that some contenders have surpassed her during her absence. However, she remains confident in her abilities and sees herself as a title contender in the near future.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’m far,” Cortez declared. “I’m undefeated in the UFC, I’m 5-0. I don’t think I’m far, but I just know that there are some girls I’ve got to get through before I get there. There’s girls that have been active, and I’m not only just going based off my record, but I’m also going based off the layoffs and how active other fighters have been. Make sure they get their opportunity because it’s only right.” Cortez’s journey in the UFC continues, and her determination is unwavering as she sets her sights on the championship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fokus Keyword: Tracy Cortez Hair-Pulling Incident

Q: What happened during the Tracy Cortez vs. Jasmine Jasudavicius fight at Noche UFC?

A: During their bout at Noche UFC, Tracy Cortez and Jasmine Jasudavicius engaged in a heated exchange. In the closing minutes of the fight, replays seemed to confirm that Jasudavicius had pulled on one of Cortez’s braids during a clinch in Round 3. This led to an exchange of words and frustration between the two fighters.

Q: How did Tracy Cortez react to the hair-pulling incident?

A: Tracy Cortez was visibly upset about the hair-pulling incident. She recounted the moment and explained that she felt her opponent’s fingers in her hair during the clinch. When Jasudavicius let go, Cortez received a head kick, which further exacerbated her frustration. She confronted Jasudavicius about the hair-pulling, and there was a verbal exchange between them.

Q: Who won the fight between Tracy Cortez and Jasmine Jasudavicius?

A: Tracy Cortez emerged as the winner of the fight with a unanimous decision. Despite the hair-pulling incident and the heated exchange, Cortez secured the victory.

Q: Why was this fight emotionally significant for Tracy Cortez?

A: This fight was emotionally significant for Tracy Cortez because it marked her return to competition after a hiatus since May 2022 due to injuries. Her victory was not only a testament to her skills but also a statement about her determination and resilience.

Q: What are Tracy Cortez’s future aspirations in the UFC?

A: Tracy Cortez sees herself as a title contender in the UFC’s flyweight division. Despite some contenders surpassing her during her absence, she believes her unbeaten record (5-0) in the UFC positions her well for future opportunities. However, she acknowledges the need to face other active fighters and earn her shot at the championship.

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