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Tommy Fury Responds to KSI’s Challenge, Jake Paul Weighs In

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Tommy Fury Jake Paul rematch

Tommy Fury refuses to be backed into a corner.

On Friday, KSI used his YouTube channel as a platform to criticize Fury over his boxing match conditions, particularly his insistence on a 185-pound fight. KSI presented two options to the former Love Island star: agree to the existing contract terms, or watch KSI walk away. It seems Fury is comfortable with the latter possibility.

Fury reacted to KSI’s challenge on his Instagram the following day, standing his ground that he will only participate in a 185-pound fight. If KSI backs out, Fury declared he’s willing to have a rematch with Jake Paul.

“It seems we’re at it again, folks. KSI blaming me for the unsigned contract,” said Fury. “Just to clarify a few points. KSI only recently agreed to a drug test for this fight, and now he’s grumbling about the weight. The fight’s set at 185, take it or leave it. I understand you’re smaller and are concerned about the weight, but eat more and you’ll reach it.

“If you’re just avoiding the fight, I know another person ready to fight in October, someone prepared and able to reach 185. Jake Paul, if you want a rematch, let’s go. I’m all for it. I’ll knock you out this time. So, boys, your move.”

Fury’s statement appears more than just posturing. He won a close decision against Paul in a match this past February, a fight that had been hyped for over a year. Paul is currently preparing for a 10-round boxing match against Nate Diaz in August, but after Friday’s controversy, Paul expressed his willingness to fight Fury in October. Responding to Fury’s latest post, the ex-Disney star reaffirmed his readiness to face Fury again this fall.

“I’ll educate you a bit here: KSI is a coward. He’s all bluster,” said Paul. “He fought Logan at 193 pounds but wants to bring everyone else down in weight. He claims to be superior but wants everyone else to cut down so he can gain an upper hand. That’s not happening. He’s all talk. He only wants to fight inexperienced gamers or aging guys and then punch them in the face.

“But Tommy, as my junior, you disappoint me. I turned you into a millionaire, I gave you fame, and you haven’t thanked me! You’re rude and cowardly. You said you would knock me out, but it was you who went down. You barely defeated me in a split decision. After I knock out Nate Diaz on Aug. 5, you’re next, Tommy. You better prepare. I’m coming.”

Paul is set to square off against Diaz on August 5 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tommy Fury Jake Paul rematch

What was the controversy that Tommy Fury responded to on his Instagram?

KSI had criticized Tommy Fury on his YouTube channel over Fury’s insistence on a 185-pound fight. He told Fury to either agree to the existing contract or he would walk away. In response, Fury declared on his Instagram that he was firm on his stand for a 185-pound fight and if KSI backed out, he would be willing to have a rematch with Jake Paul.

Who won the previous fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul?

Tommy Fury won a close decision over Jake Paul in a match that took place in February.

Who is Jake Paul set to fight in August?

Jake Paul is scheduled to fight Nate Diaz in a 10-round boxing match on August 5.

What did Jake Paul say in response to Tommy Fury’s Instagram post?

Jake Paul responded to Tommy Fury’s Instagram post by declaring KSI a coward and criticizing him for wanting to drain everyone else’s weight. He also expressed his disappointment in Fury and said he would fight Fury after his August match with Nate Diaz.

Where is Jake Paul’s fight against Nate Diaz scheduled to take place?

Jake Paul’s fight against Nate Diaz is scheduled to take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on August 5.

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BoxingFan89 July 2, 2023 - 5:45 am

Man, this is turning into a soap opera, isn’t it? can’t they just get in the ring and settle it?

TheRealFightExpert July 2, 2023 - 1:15 pm

Interesting tactic by Fury. KSI might not like the weight, but a rematch with Paul could be huge. Let’s see how it pans out.

FuryFan1 July 2, 2023 - 2:11 pm

tommy’s got the right idea, stand your ground mate. if ksi can’t handle the weight, he shouldnt have started the fight

JakePaulFan99 July 2, 2023 - 7:53 pm

Yeah, Jake! Show em how it’s done!! Can’t wait for the Diaz fight, then Fury’s next!

NoNonsenseBoxing July 2, 2023 - 10:13 pm

This is why I can’t stand these youtube boxers. Its more drama than actual boxing. smh


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