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The Ultimate Fighter 31: Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler Episode 9 results

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The Ultimate Fighter 31: Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler Episode 9 Recap

In the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter 31, the first finalist has been determined, and it’s Austin Hubbard. However, the fight wasn’t particularly exciting, and it’s unlikely to be remembered as one of the show’s highlights.

Hubbard managed to secure a narrow split decision victory over his Team Chandler training partner, Roosevelt Roberts, in a rather uneventful three-round affair. With this win, Hubbard advances to the finals of the TUF 31 lightweight tournament, where he will face the winner of the other semifinal bout between Jason Knight and Kurt Holobaugh. The ultimate prize awaiting the season champion is a coveted UFC contract.

During this episode, viewers got to see the close bond that had formed between Hubbard and Roberts since the beginning of the filming. However, this friendship seemed to play out in the cage, as both fighters appeared hesitant to push the pace and take control of the fight. Hubbard utilized a strategy of mixing up his strikes to close the distance against Roberts, who, in turn, looked for opportunities to land counter punches and defend takedowns.

The fight lacked significant impactful moments, and neither fighter seemed to have a clear advantage throughout the rounds. While Hubbard managed to score a takedown in the second round and deliver some ground-and-pound, Roberts responded with a takedown of his own in the third round. Ultimately, it felt like the fight could have gone either way.

Adding to the intrigue of the episode, Michael Chandler and his coaches decided not to corner either fighter, wanting to avoid showing favoritism. This decision resulted in an unusual silence in the UFC APEX, with only Conor McGregor offering sporadic commentary during the match.

With Hubbard advancing to the finals, Team Chandler has one fighter in the finale, and five more of their charges still have to compete. Interestingly, some members of Chandler’s team considered switching sides to Team McGregor to avoid facing their teammates, but only Brad Katona made the move. Katona, however, had already been training with McGregor and his coaches at SBG Ireland before appearing on the show.

The next episode will feature the bantamweight semifinal bout between Katona and Timur Valiev.

After the season finale, there are plans for Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler to face off in a welterweight bout, though the matchup is yet to be officially confirmed. Some uncertainty surrounds McGregor’s competitive status due to recent sexual assault accusations and ongoing dealings with USADA.

The finalists of the TUF 31 lightweight and bantamweight tournaments will also vie for a six-figure UFC contract in a future event. However, the date for the finals is yet to be announced.

Here’s a breakdown of the TUF 31 roster divided by teams:

Team McGregor (prospects):


  • Lee Hammond (27, 5-0)
  • Nate Jennerman (29, 16-5)
  • Aaron McKenzie (34, 11-2-1)
  • Landon Quinones (27, 7-1-1)


  • Mando Gutierrez (26, 8-2)
  • Trevor Wells (27, 8-3)
  • Carlos Vera (35, 11-3)
  • Rico DiSciullo (36, 11-2, 1 NC)

Team Chandler (veterans):


  • Jason Knight (30, 23-7)
  • Austin Hubbard (31, 15-6)
  • Roosevelt Roberts (28, 12-3, 1 NC)
  • Kurt Holobaugh (36, 19-7, 1 NC)


  • Hunter Azure (31, 10-3)
  • Brad Katona (31, 12-2)
  • Timur Valiev (33, 18-3, 1 NC)
  • Cody Gibson (35, 19-8)

Quarterfinal Results:

  • Roosevelt Roberts def. Nate Jennerman via first-round KO
  • Cody Gibson def. Mando Gutierrez via first-round TKO
  • Austin Hubbard def. Aaron McKenzie via unanimous decision
  • Timur Valiev def. Trevor Wells via unanimous decision
  • Brad Katona def. Carlos Vera via unanimous decision
  • Kurt Holobaugh def. Lee Hammond via second-round submission (guillotine choke)
  • Jason Knight def. Landon Quinones via first-round submission (triangle choke)
  • Rico DiSciullo def. Hunter Azure via second-round KO

Semifinal Matchups and Results:

  • Austin Hubbard def. Roosevelt Roberts via split decision
  • Jason Knight vs. Kurt Holobaugh (match yet to take place)
  • Brad Katona vs. Timur Valiev (match yet to take place)
  • Rico DiSciullo vs. Cody Gibson (match yet to take place)

Advanced to finals: Austin Hubbard
Advanced to semifinals: Roosevelt Roberts, Cody Gibson, Austin Hubbard, Timur Valiev, Brad Katona, Kurt Holobaugh, Jason Knight, Rico DiSciullo
Eliminated: Nate Jennerman, Mando Gutierrez, Aaron McKenzie, Trevor Wells, Carlos Vera, Lee Hammond, Landon Quinones, Hunter Azure, Roosevelt Roberts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ufc tournament

What is The Ultimate Fighter 31 about?

The Ultimate Fighter 31 is a reality television series that features a mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament, where fighters compete for a UFC contract. In this season, Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler serve as coaches, leading their respective teams of prospects and veterans.

Who advanced to the finals in The Ultimate Fighter 31 lightweight tournament?

Austin Hubbard advanced to the finals of The Ultimate Fighter 31 lightweight tournament. He secured a narrow split decision victory over Roosevelt Roberts in the semifinal bout.

What can viewers expect from the fights on The Ultimate Fighter 31?

Some of the fights on The Ultimate Fighter 31 have been uneventful, lacking significant impactful moments. Viewers have observed fighters from the same team facing each other, which led to unique situations where coaches opted not to corner their fighters to avoid showing favoritism.

When will the season finale take place, and what’s planned after that?

The date for the season finale of The Ultimate Fighter 31 is yet to be announced. After the finale, there are plans for Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler to face off in a welterweight bout. However, the matchup is still pending confirmation due to uncertainties surrounding McGregor’s competitive status, including recent sexual assault accusations and his dealings with USADA.

How will the winners of the TUF 31 lightweight and bantamweight tournaments be rewarded?

The winners of the TUF 31 lightweight and bantamweight tournaments will be rewarded with a six-figure UFC contract. This contract presents a significant opportunity for the champions to establish themselves in the UFC and compete at the highest level of the sport.

Are there any other notable fighters or interesting matchups in The Ultimate Fighter 31?

Yes, the show features other notable fighters and interesting matchups. The bantamweight semifinals, for instance, will see Brad Katona facing off against Timur Valiev. Additionally, the coaches and their teams face challenges in deciding which fighters should compete against each other, leading to some members switching sides to avoid fighting their teammates.

Where and when can I watch The Ultimate Fighter 31?

The Ultimate Fighter 31 airs live on ESPN and ESPN+ every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. Check your local listings for specific air times in your region.

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MMAFan22 July 26, 2023 - 9:51 am

da Ultimate Fighter 31 is like a big reality show with fighters battlin’ 4 a UFC contract. Conor McGregor n’ Michael Chandler r da coaches n’ dey got der own teams. hubbard made it 2 da finals, but fight ain’t dat excitin’. sum fighters switchin’ sides n’ coaches not cornin’ their own guys, makin’ it a lil crazy. can’t wait 2 c da finale n’ d bantamweight semis! ESPN+ showin’ it live!

UFCAddict77 July 26, 2023 - 2:10 pm

Da Ultimate Fighter 31 rocks! Love watchin’ McGregor n’ Chandler coachin’ their teams. Hubbard n’ Roberts fought hard, but da match was a bit bleh. I heard sum fighters switched teams 2 avoid fightin’ their buddies. ESPN gonna broadcast it, mark ur calendars!


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