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Terence Crawford caps off masterpiece with ninth-round knockout of Errol Spence

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undisputed welterweight champion

Terence Crawford delivered a masterful performance in Las Vegas, asserting his dominance in the boxing world. In an intense showdown against Errol Spence Jr., Crawford, known as “Bud,” showcased his brilliance, securing victory in the main event bout. With this triumph, he not only defended his WBO title but also claimed Spence’s WBA, WBC, and IBF belts, making him the first undisputed welterweight champion in the four-belt era that began in 2004.

For Crawford, this victory held personal significance as he had faced obstacles and criticism throughout his career. He expressed how some tried to undermine him, doubting his abilities and dismissing his chances against top welterweights. However, Crawford’s determination and faith in himself paid off, and he seized the opportunity to demonstrate his greatness in the ring, leaving no doubt about his skills.

The highly anticipated bout saw Crawford outclassing Spence, using sharp counters and a powerful jab to disrupt his opponent’s game plan. In the second round, Crawford delivered a stinging combination that sent Spence to the canvas, marking the first knockdown of Spence’s career. Despite Spence’s efforts to stay in the fight, he never fully recovered from the early setback, and Crawford continued to pummel him with hard-hitting shots.

The damage on Spence’s face was evident, prompting the ringside physician to assess his condition before the start of Round 5. From there, the situation only worsened for Spence, as Crawford dropped him twice in Round 7, leading to a 10-7 score. Finally, in Round 9, Crawford unleashed a flurry of punches, prompting referee Harvey Dock to stop the bout at the 2:32 mark, securing a ninth-round knockout victory for Crawford.

In the aftermath of the fight, Spence, who had an undefeated record until this bout, expressed his desire for a rematch in the near future. He acknowledged Crawford’s superiority but hoped to have another chance to prove himself. Spence suggested that the potential rematch take place at 154 pounds, indicating his determination to bounce back and reclaim victory against the new welterweight king, Terence Crawford.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about undisputed welterweight champion

Q: What belts did Terence Crawford win in the fight against Errol Spence Jr.?

A: Terence Crawford won the WBA, WBC, and IBF belts in addition to his WBO title, making him the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era.

Q: How did Terence Crawford describe his victory and achievement?

A: Terence Crawford stated that his victory and becoming the undisputed welterweight champion were personally significant to him. He mentioned facing criticism and doubts from others, but his faith and perseverance led him to show the world how great he truly is.

Q: How did the fight between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. unfold?

A: The fight was highly anticipated, and Terence Crawford displayed a masterful performance. He utilized sharp counters and a powerful jab to disrupt Spence’s game plan. Crawford knocked Spence down in the second round, and despite Spence’s efforts, he never fully recovered, leading to a ninth-round knockout victory for Crawford.

Q: Did Errol Spence Jr. express interest in a rematch?

A: Yes, after the fight, Errol Spence Jr. expressed his desire for a rematch. He acknowledged Crawford’s superiority in the bout but hoped for another chance to face him again. Spence mentioned that he would like the potential rematch to take place at 154 pounds.

Q: When did the referee stop the fight between Crawford and Spence?

A: Referee Harvey Dock stopped the fight at the 2:32 mark of Round 9 when Terence Crawford unleashed a flurry of punches, forcing a ninth-round knockout victory.

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KnockoutKing July 30, 2023 - 6:12 pm

spence was tough, but crawford made him luk like a rookie! that 2nd rnd knockdown tho, omg! can’t wait 4 the rematch, 154 lbs sounds intresting.

BoxingFan91 July 31, 2023 - 6:36 am

wow what an epic fight, terence crawford totally dominated spence jr. he knocked him out in 9th round. that’s impresive man! undisputed champ now, wohoo!


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