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Tatiana Suarez reveals lingering back issues in comeback fight, touts recovery for UFC Nashville

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UFC comeback

Tatiana Suarez opens up about her persistent back problems ahead of her comeback fight and expresses confidence in her recovery for UFC Nashville.

Before UFC Vegas 70, Tatiana Suarez had prepared for the worst-case scenario. Lingering neck and back issues had forced her to stay away from the game for over three years, and although they hadn’t completely disappeared prior to her comeback against Montana De La Rosa in February, Suarez was determined not to withdraw.

“I was adamant about not pulling out,” Suarez shared during her appearance on The MMA Hour. “I didn’t care. I wanted to make sure. Initially, they were going to put me on this Medrol dose pack, an anti-inflammatory steroid for my back, but I ended up not needing it.”

Throughout most of her training camp, Suarez had to restrict herself from intense workouts due to the detrimental effect explosive movements and twisting motions had on her back. Grappling and wrestling had to be performed cautiously, while standing up and any twisting motion proved to be challenging.

The origin of Suarez’s prolonged injuries can be traced back to her 2018 encounter with Alexa Grasso, the current UFC flyweight champion. “When I fought Grasso, I mainly focused on footwork and grappling. I didn’t engage in any wrestling or stand-up training because my back was in such bad shape that I could barely walk,” Suarez revealed. “It was awful, but I managed to secure a submission victory. So I suppose all that grappling paid off.”

Fortunately, a similar outcome transpired in her fight against De La Rosa. A full-scale brawl never erupted, and Suarez successfully submitted the seasoned flyweight in the second round, preserving her undefeated record and keeping her title shot hopes alive.

Following her flyweight bout, Suarez is returning to her native 115-pound division to face former champion Jessica Andrade at UFC Nashville on August 5. A triumph over Andrade would significantly enhance Suarez’s chances of vying for the title. However, the future remains uncertain as current champ Zhang Weili is scheduled to defend her belt against Amanda Lemos at UFC 292, potentially setting up the winner of Suarez’s match for a title shot.

“With the position I’m currently in, I’m a bit unsure about the division’s landscape,” Suarez admitted. “Yan [Xiaonan] recently secured a significant win over Andrade, so I’m uncertain about what that means for me. Will Yan and I face each other next? Has Yan already earned the title shot, awaiting the outcome of Lemos vs. Zhang? Perhaps I’ll face someone else after that. I’m not entirely sure about the plans they have for me.”

Despite the uncertainties, Suarez remains excited about her upcoming fight. She views it as a tremendous opportunity to compete against a former world champion who has defeated numerous formidable opponents. Her journey to this point has been a blessing, especially considering a time when a devastating knee injury made her contemplate retirement. However, Suarez’s determination to avoid relinquishing another dream kept her going.

“After injuring my neck, I suffered a severe knee injury, and while I lay there, I realized something was seriously wrong. The pain was excruciating, and the injury appeared severe,” Suarez recollected. “I knew surgery would be necessary since I had torn almost every ligament in my knee. Despite briefly considering retirement, I quickly dismissed the idea. I felt it wasn’t fair, and despite conflicting medical opinions, I remained determined to make a comeback. I recognized my talent and the effort I had put into honing my skills in the cage. I couldn’t quit; otherwise, I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

Suarez now walks confidently as she approaches her fight with Andrade. She has regained the ability to train her standup skills, which will be essential against the hard-hitting Brazilian. Her body has adapted to the demands of an intense training camp against a formidable opponent.

With Suarez’s remarkable accomplishments even while not at her best, the ingredients for success are in place. Now, she must follow through inside the cage and prioritize her health throughout the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC comeback

What issues did Tatiana Suarez face before her comeback fight?

Tatiana Suarez faced neck and back issues that had kept her out of the game for over three years. These issues hadn’t fully subsided before her comeback fight.

How did Tatiana Suarez manage her back problems during training?

Due to her back problems, Suarez had to be cautious during training. Explosive movements and twisting motions were avoided as they aggravated her back. She had to restrict herself in grappling and wrestling, and standup training was challenging.

Who did Tatiana Suarez defeat in her comeback fight?

In her comeback fight, Tatiana Suarez faced Montana De La Rosa and successfully submitted her in the second round, preserving her perfect record.

Who is Tatiana Suarez set to fight next?

Tatiana Suarez is set to fight ex-champ Jessica Andrade at UFC Nashville on August 5.

What would a win over Jessica Andrade mean for Tatiana Suarez?

A win over Jessica Andrade would significantly improve Tatiana Suarez’s position in the division and enhance her chances of challenging for the title.

How did Tatiana Suarez overcome her doubts and injuries?

Despite contemplating retirement after a devastating knee injury, Tatiana Suarez’s determination to avoid missing out on her dreams kept her going. She recognized her talent, hard work, and the regret she would feel if she didn’t try to make a comeback.

What challenges did Tatiana Suarez face during her recovery and training?

Tatiana Suarez faced lingering back issues that affected her training. She had to modify her workouts to avoid exacerbating her back problems and had to be cautious with explosive movements and twisting motions.

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JiuJitsuWarrior July 12, 2023 - 11:40 am

Tatiana Suarez’s grappling skills are on point! It’s impressive how she still dominated in her comeback fight, despite her back issues. Can’t wait to see her take on Jessica Andrade!

mmaFan93 July 12, 2023 - 2:50 pm

tatiana suarez is a badass! she didnt let her bak issues stop her from coming back to the ufc. respect!

FightFanatic July 13, 2023 - 3:15 am

Wow, Tatiana Suarez is a tough cookie. Her determination to fight despite her bak problems shows her true warrior spirit. Excited to see her in action!

MMA_Addict July 13, 2023 - 8:17 am

Tatiana Suarez’s journey is a rollercoaster ride. From battling with back issues to contemplating retirement, she has shown incredible resilience and determination. Can’t wait to see her make her mark in the octagon once again!

UFCFanatic88 July 13, 2023 - 9:06 am

Tatiana Suarez is a true inspiration. Her story of overcoming injuries and setbacks to pursue her dreams is motivating. Wishing her all the success in her upcoming fight!


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