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Tatiana Suarez calls Rose Namajunas’ flyweight move ‘crazy,’ bummed they can’t fight

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Tatiana Suarez expresses disbelief at Rose Namajunas’ decision to move to the flyweight division, regretting the missed opportunity for a fight between them. Suarez, however, harbors no ill will towards Namajunas and simply wants to challenge herself against the top UFC fighters. Suarez had hoped to face Namajunas for the strawweight title, but with Namajunas moving up to 125 pounds to fight Manon Fiorot at UFC Paris in September, Suarez has decided to return to strawweight herself after a long injury layoff.

Suarez finds Namajunas’ timing quite surprising, stating, “It’s the most unexpected thing I’ve witnessed. I had been looking forward to fighting her, thinking, ‘Yeah, I’m back at 115 – maybe I could fight Rose.’ But now she’s going back to 125. It’s just crazy.”

When asked about the timing, Suarez jokingly says, “I think she completely dodged me. Nah, just kidding. Not at all. I believe this was her plan all along. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t think so.”

Suarez emphasizes that her desire to fight Namajunas stems from her admiration for Namajunas’ skills as a fighter. She sees Namajunas as an exceptional athlete and enjoys watching her fights. The move to flyweight by Namajunas comes more than a year after losing the strawweight title to Carla Esparza in a rematch. Namajunas and her partner and corner Pat Barry faced criticism for their fight strategy, which lacked action over the 25-minute bout. However, Namajunas expressed satisfaction with her performance.

Despite the circumstances, Suarez’s determination to face Namajunas remains strong. She wants to compete against the best fighters because it validates her own skills. Even if she doesn’t emerge victorious, Suarez believes that sharing the cage with a remarkable mixed martial artist is an achievement in itself. Competition and self-testing are what drive Suarez, rather than focusing solely on wins and losses. She thrives on the challenge and pushes herself in the gym every day.

Suarez has encountered numerous challenges during her training, including serious neck, back, and knee injuries that kept her out of contention for four years. However, she made a successful return in February as a flyweight, defeating Montana De La Rosa via submission. The competitive fire she feels towards Namajunas originates from her mindset in the gym. Even though she acknowledges that she doesn’t always have to be the best, she constantly strives for victory during practice sessions. When she encounters someone who poses a challenge, that’s the person she wants to train with the most because it pushes her to be better. Suarez admits to putting a lot of pressure on herself, even during practice, but the recognition she receives from others as one of the best motivates her during difficult times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA competition

What is Tatiana Suarez’s reaction to Rose Namajunas moving to the flyweight division?

Tatiana Suarez finds Rose Namajunas’ move to the flyweight division “crazy” and expresses disappointment that they can’t fight each other.

Does Tatiana Suarez have any ill feelings towards Rose Namajunas?

No, Tatiana Suarez has no grudge against Rose Namajunas. She admires Namajunas as a skilled fighter and wanted to test herself against her.

Why did Tatiana Suarez announce her move back to strawweight?

Tatiana Suarez decided to move back to strawweight after returning from a long injury layoff. She wanted to compete at 115 pounds and potentially face Rose Namajunas.

How does Tatiana Suarez view the timing of Rose Namajunas’ move?

Tatiana Suarez believes that Rose Namajunas had planned to move to the flyweight division all along. She doesn’t think Namajunas dodged her intentionally.

What drives Tatiana Suarez’s desire to fight the best fighters?

Tatiana Suarez is motivated by the competition and the opportunity to test herself against the best in the world. It’s not about wins or losses for her, but about pushing herself and proving her skills.

What challenges has Tatiana Suarez faced in her training?

Tatiana Suarez has faced serious neck, back, and knee injuries that sidelined her for four years. However, she made a successful comeback as a flyweight and dominated her opponent in her return fight.

How does Tatiana Suarez approach training and competition?

Tatiana Suarez puts a lot of pressure on herself, even during practice sessions. She seeks out challenging training partners to push herself and strives to be the best she can be in both practice and competition.

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