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Stephen Thompson sends message to future opponents: ‘You better be on weight or it’s not going to happen’

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Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson has been clear about what he’s learned after an earlier mistake of agreeing to fight Darren Till in 2018 when Till didn’t make weight. The outcome was a controversial loss for Thompson, who felt disadvantaged by Till’s size and power.

Years later, Thompson is reminded of the past when Michel Pereira also failed to make weight for their scheduled bout at UFC 291. Thompson told The MMA Hour that this incident brought back memories of the Till fight and expressed his frustration with fighters not honoring their commitment to make weight.

Pereira weighed in at 174 pounds, three pounds over the non-title welterweight limit, and Thompson knew he wouldn’t fight him. Having met his own weight at 170.5 pounds, Thompson was resolute in not repeating past mistakes. His decision reflects a broader philosophy of wanting to fight fairly without any games, a principle he feels some fighters lack.

Thompson has openly stated that he will not fight an opponent who doesn’t make weight, telling his potential rivals in the 170 division to be on weight or the fight won’t happen. He believes there should be stiffer penalties for those who do not show the integrity to make weight.

The cancellation of the fight with Pereira has left Thompson in an uncertain position, unable to make a quick return to the ring as his body needs time to recover from the weight cut. He has hinted at wanting to fight at UFC 295 in November at Madison Square Garden, expressing his desire to face someone deserving, and specifically not Pereira, whom he feels has lost his opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about weight

What happened with Stephen Thompson’s fight with Darren Till in 2018?

Thompson accepted a fight with Darren Till even though Till missed weight. Thompson lost a controversial decision, feeling disadvantaged by Till’s size and power advantage.

Why did Stephen Thompson refuse to fight Michel Pereira at UFC 291?

Thompson refused to fight Pereira because Pereira did not make weight for the fight, weighing in three pounds over the limit for a non-title welterweight fight. Thompson saw this as a violation of integrity and commitment to the contract.

What is Thompson’s stance on opponents not making weight?

Thompson has taken a firm stance that he will not fight an opponent who doesn’t make weight. He sees this as a matter of integrity, fairness, and honoring one’s word.

Has Thompson suggested any consequences for fighters not making weight?

Yes, Thompson has expressed that there should be more and greater consequences for fighters who don’t make weight. However, he did not specify what those consequences should be.

When does Thompson plan to return to the ring, and whom does he want to fight?

Thompson hinted at wanting to return at UFC 295 in November at Madison Square Garden. He hasn’t named a specific opponent but made it clear that he doesn’t want to fight Michel Pereira, who he feels doesn’t deserve the opportunity.

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