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Skye Nicolson calls out Amanda Serrano, vows she’d make champ ‘look silly’

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Skye Nicolson Amanda Serrano Bout

Skye Nicolson is eager for a showdown with Amanda Serrano.

Recently, Nicolson successfully defended her WBC interim featherweight title by stopping Lucy Wildheart in the ninth round during the Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron 2 undercard event. This marked her first knockout victory and ninth win since turning professional, an achievement that positions her closer to a potential matchup with Serrano, which Nicolson eagerly anticipates.

In a Monday interview on The MMA Hour, Nicolson expressed her desire to challenge Serrano, emphasizing her respect for Serrano’s skills but also her confidence in her own abilities. “I respect her as a champion, but I’m aiming for the top,” Nicolson said. “I know many doubt my chances against her, but my team and I are confident. We believe my fighting style is a tough match for hers. It’s not just talk; I’m ready to demonstrate this in the ring.”

However, Nicolson’s chances of facing Serrano appear slim at the moment. Serrano, with a stellar 46-2-1 professional record and reigning as the undisputed featherweight champion, is a prominent figure in women’s boxing. Current rumors suggest a high-profile rematch with Katie Taylor, and Serrano’s commitment to the PFL for a 2024 debut further complicates scheduling. Serrano herself has downplayed the possibility of this fight on social media.

Despite these hurdles, Nicolson remains hopeful. “I’m still holding onto the possibility,” she said. “Once the mandatory challenge is issued, we’ll see if Serrano decides to face me or vacate the title.”

Nicolson is willing to take the fight under any conditions, expressing a preference for an April bout. “After a packed schedule of nine fights in 18 months, some rest is needed, but I’d like ample preparation time for a bout with the queen of boxing. However, I’m open to any date, just eager for the opportunity to prove myself.”

Nicolson is confident she can hand Serrano her first defeat in the 126-pound category. “I won’t be an easy target for her,” Nicolson asserted. “I plan to utilize movement, angles, and set traps, making her look foolish in the ring. People underestimate me because I make my opponents look less skilled. I’m not just good; I’m a level above.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Skye Nicolson Amanda Serrano Bout

Who is Skye Nicolson and what is her recent achievement?

Skye Nicolson is a professional boxer who recently defended her WBC interim featherweight title by defeating Lucy Wildheart in the ninth round. This victory marked her ninth win since turning professional and her first knockout victory.

What is Skye Nicolson’s goal in her boxing career?

Nicolson’s immediate goal is to challenge Amanda Serrano, the current undisputed featherweight champion. She aims to prove herself as the best in her division by facing and defeating top-tier opponents like Serrano.

Why does Skye Nicolson want to fight Amanda Serrano?

Nicolson wants to fight Serrano to demonstrate her skill level and to prove she is worthy of being a world champion. She believes her fighting style is particularly challenging for Serrano and is confident in her ability to win.

What are the challenges in arranging a fight between Nicolson and Serrano?

The main challenges include Serrano’s busy schedule, with a rumored rematch with Katie Taylor and her commitment to the PFL in 2024. Serrano’s current prominence in women’s boxing and her response on social media also suggest a low likelihood of this match happening soon.

How does Skye Nicolson plan to defeat Amanda Serrano if they fight?

Nicolson plans to use her mobility, angles, and strategic traps to counter Serrano’s strength and aggression. She intends to avoid trading blows directly and aims to make Serrano appear less skilled in the ring.

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