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Shane Burgos says it’s ‘mind blowing’ more UFC fighters don’t test free agency: ‘You can’t fall in love with 3 letters’

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Shane Burgos believes it’s astonishing that more UFC fighters don’t explore free agency, emphasizing the need to detach from loyalty to the organization’s three-letter acronym.

Having personally experienced the difficulty of leaving the UFC, Burgos understood that parting ways was the best decision for his career and financial well-being. With eleven fights and almost six years under his belt, he made the bold choice to test free agency toward the end of his last contract. Burgos wanted to assess his market value, particularly with various promoters seeking to assemble impressive rosters.

In the end, Burgos secured a deal with the PFL, prompting even UFC president Dana White to admit the organization’s error in letting him go. He has no regrets about his decision. Nevertheless, Burgos finds it perplexing that more fighters don’t venture into free agency to explore the potential opportunities available to them.

According to Burgos, it doesn’t make sense for fighters, especially those ranked, to ignore the chance to test free agency. He questioned why anyone wouldn’t want to determine their worth in the eyes of other promotions, while cautioning against falling in love with the UFC. He stressed the importance of doing what’s right, recognizing that careers in mixed martial arts are not long-lasting.

To be clear, Burgos doesn’t hold any animosity toward the UFC. However, he is an advocate for the fighters and hopes that more athletes will at least consider the options available to them. This, in turn, could encourage the UFC, as the leading MMA promoter, to offer better pay and benefits by becoming more competitive.

Burgos believes fighters should fight out their contracts to maximize their potential earnings, as the career span for most fighters is limited. He views competition as vital and beneficial for the UFC, the PFL, and the fighters themselves.

Looking beyond his own experience, Burgos points to former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou as an example of how free agency benefits athletes. Ngannou’s inability to reach an agreement with the UFC led him to test the open market, resulting in a lucrative deal with the PFL. This move allows Ngannou to pursue boxing matches and brings MMA to Africa, a cause of great significance to him.

Burgos sees Ngannou’s decision to join the PFL as a positive development. He believes the PFL is making significant strides, evident through signings like Jake Paul and Cedric Doumbe, demonstrating their intention to compete with the UFC in the future. While acknowledging the significance of social media followers, Burgos emphasizes that substantial financial gains hold more weight, underscoring the importance of signing the PFL deal.

However, Burgos acknowledges that there is still work to be done in terms of fighter pay across the board, irrespective of the promotion. He highlights the absurdity of fighters risking their lives for relatively meager sums while other athletes in different sports earn millions. He hopes for improved compensation and a faster transition towards more reasonable pay, citing Francis Ngannou’s earnings as an example.

In conclusion, Burgos urges fighters to consider the advantages of free agency, emphasizes the need for healthy competition, and advocates for improved fighter pay throughout the MMA landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC free agency

Q: Why does Shane Burgos believe more UFC fighters should test free agency?

A: Shane Burgos believes that fighters should test free agency to understand their market value and explore potential opportunities with other promotions. He emphasizes the need to prioritize one’s career and financial well-being.

Q: What does Shane Burgos think about loyalty to the UFC?

A: Burgos suggests that fighters should not become too attached to the UFC and its brand. He cautions against falling in love with the organization’s three-letter acronym and encourages fighters to prioritize their own interests.

Q: Does Shane Burgos have any regrets about joining the PFL?

A: No, Shane Burgos has no regrets about his decision to join the PFL. He is satisfied with the deal he signed and is confident in the direction of the PFL as they make significant moves and compete with the UFC.

Q: What impact does Shane Burgos believe free agency can have on fighter pay?

A: Burgos believes that exploring free agency can lead to increased competition among promotions, resulting in better pay and benefits for fighters. He hopes that fighters exercising their options will push the UFC and other promotions to offer more competitive compensation.

Q: How does Shane Burgos view Francis Ngannou’s move to the PFL?

A: Shane Burgos sees Francis Ngannou’s decision to join the PFL as a positive development. He believes Ngannou’s presence will contribute to the growth of the PFL and demonstrate their intent to compete with the UFC.

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