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Sergio Pettis Stands Victorious at Bellator 297: Denies Patricio Pitbull’s Three-Division Champion Ambitions

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Bellator 297 victory

On Friday, Sergio Pettis clinched a milestone victory by defeating Patricio Pitbull, widely considered the greatest Bellator fighter ever. Dominating Pitbull with a one-sided decision at Bellator 297, Pettis showcased exceptional speed, precise strikes, and swift hands throughout the five rounds.

Keeping Pitbull off his rhythm from the fight’s outset till the very last second, Pettis had the judges declare him victorious with a 50-45, 50-45, and 49-46 verdict. This victory marked Pettis’s second successful defense of the Bellator bantamweight title.

Simultaneously, Pettis managed to dash Pitbull’s aspirations of becoming a three-division champion – a feat the Brazilian previously eyed after securing both the Bellator featherweight and lightweight titles.

“Consider your poster boys ousted, Bellator,” a victorious Pettis proclaimed post-match. “I believe it’s high time for some respect. I am, without a doubt, your next star.”

Pettis’ performance remained unscathed despite an 18-month break. He began strong, launching powerful jabs and head kicks early into the bout. Pitbull attempted a counter with his mighty punches and an initial takedown, but the veteran Pettis, aged 29, quickly regained his footing.

As the fight progressed, Pettis’s confidence in his striking grew. A pivotal moment arrived with a spinning wheel kick towards the end of round two, which left Pitbull wobbling. Pettis tried to capitalize on this opportunity, but was thwarted by the clock.

Pitbull’s lost ground pushed him into offensive mode, but Pettis maintained his lightning-fast punches, often throwing three to four in quick succession. Displaying tactical diversity, Pettis hit Pitbull with a volley of attacks to the head and body.

Pettis effectively neutralized Pitbull’s wrestling attempts and kept the center of the cage under control. He landed high-volume strikes, leaving Pitbull’s response limited to a few haymakers.

With the end approaching, Pettis kept a firm hold over the fight, further confounding Pitbull with a diverse attack strategy, including more jabs and a couple of brutal front kicks. Despite Pitbull’s attempts to push forward, he failed to inflict significant damage.

Pettis unequivocally proved his supremacy in the ring, securing his place as the 135-pound Bellator champion with a resounding defeat of Pitbull.

Post-victory, Pettis set his sights on Patchy Mix, his upcoming adversary who earned his spot by knocking out Raufeon Stots to win the Bellator bantamweight grand prix title in April. The date for this fight remains to be decided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bellator 297 victory

Who won the Bellator 297 match?

Sergio Pettis emerged victorious in the Bellator 297 match.

Who was Sergio Pettis’ opponent at Bellator 297?

Sergio Pettis’ opponent at Bellator 297 was Patricio Pitbull.

What title was defended by Sergio Pettis at Bellator 297?

Sergio Pettis defended his Bellator bantamweight title at Bellator 297.

What was the scoring decision for the Bellator 297 match?

The judges scored the match 50-45, 50-45, and 49-46 in favor of Sergio Pettis.

Which title was Patricio Pitbull aiming for at Bellator 297?

Patricio Pitbull was aiming to become a three-division champion at Bellator 297, having previously held the Bellator featherweight and lightweight titles.

Who is Sergio Pettis set to fight next after his win at Bellator 297?

After his victory at Bellator 297, Sergio Pettis is set to fight Patchy Mix, who won the Bellator bantamweight grand prix title.

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