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Sergio Pettis on Patricio Pitbull: ‘I thought I was going to lose this fight, I ain’t gonna lie’

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MMA upset

Sergio Pettis expressed his astonishment after his impressive victory over Patricio Pitbull at Bellator 297.

Having recovered from a serious knee injury and returning to the octagon after a long 18-month hiatus, Pettis faced a daunting challenge on Friday night. Pitbull, widely regarded as the greatest fighter in Bellator history, was determined to make history by becoming the first three-division champion in a major MMA organization.

Nevertheless, Pettis had different plans.

Despite his doubts, the 29-year-old bantamweight champion showcased the pinnacle of his professional career, dominating Pitbull throughout the fight and securing a decisive unanimous decision. This remarkable triumph defied the odds and marked Pettis’ second successful defense of his title.

“I must admit, I thought I was going to lose this fight,” Pettis confessed during the post-fight press conference at Bellator 297.

“I even told my girlfriend, ‘If I have to lose to someone, it’s okay to lose to Patricio Pitbull. He’s a legend.’ So, I didn’t truly believe I would lose, but I battled with my own thoughts. I felt nervous, scared, and everything in between. Being away from competition for 18 months made me forget how it all felt. And I’m genuinely surprised. It’s the opposite of Nate Diaz—yes, I am genuinely surprised, my friends.”

However, there was one person who never lost faith in Pettis—his older brother, Anthony Pettis, the former UFC lightweight champion. Anthony placed a winning bet on Sergio, earning a substantial $122,500.

You can watch Pettis’ post-fight press conference above to hear him discuss his impressive victory, his upcoming title defense against Bellator grand prix winner Patchy Mix, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA upset

Q: What was the outcome of the fight between Sergio Pettis and Patricio Pitbull at Bellator 297?

A: Sergio Pettis emerged as the winner, successfully defending his title against Patricio Pitbull with a dominant performance and securing a unanimous decision victory.

Q: How long was Sergio Pettis away from competing before this fight?

A: Sergio Pettis had been out of competition for 18 months due to a serious knee injury before making his return at Bellator 297.

Q: Did Sergio Pettis believe he would lose the fight?

A: Initially, Sergio Pettis admitted that he thought he might lose the fight, but he also acknowledged the legendary status of Patricio Pitbull. However, he battled with his own doubts and nerves, ultimately surprising himself with his victorious performance.

Q: Who had faith in Sergio Pettis before the fight?

A: Sergio Pettis’ older brother, former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, had faith in him and even placed a winning bet on Sergio, earning a substantial amount of money.

Q: What’s next for Sergio Pettis after this victory?

A: Following his win over Patricio Pitbull, Sergio Pettis is expected to defend his title in his next fight against Bellator grand prix winner Patchy Mix. The specific details regarding the upcoming title defense are yet to be announced.

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