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Sean O’Malley Secures Bantamweight Championship with Second-Round Knockout of Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292

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Bantamweight Championship

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Already regarded as a superstar, Sean O’Malley has now added UFC champion to his accolades.

Upon his first title shot since his arrival through Dana White’s Contender Series, O’Malley sent Aljamain Sterling sprawling with a devastating right-hand counter in the early moments of the second round at UFC 292’s headline bout. As Sterling tried to recover, O’Malley relentlessly pummeled him from above, leaving referee Marc Goddard no option but to call an end to the match.

The fight’s conclusion came just 51 seconds into the second round, with O’Malley being crowned the new bantamweight division’s sovereign. Though he acknowledged feeling the intensity of the occasion, O’Malley still managed to pull off a stunning performance.

“I’ve never been this anxious for a fight before,” O’Malley confessed during his post-match talk. “In my view, Sterling is the greatest bantamweight ever. Despite my nerves, I never lost faith in my abilities, particularly in this powerful right hand!”

“I warned that a single error against me could be fatal. I’m not even sure it was a mistake — I’m just that skilled!” he added, exuding confidence.

In the match leading up to the knockout, both fighters remained steadfast, with O’Malley landing strikes from afar and Sterling retaliating with kicks. During the first round, Sterling went for a takedown, but O’Malley held firm until the round ended.

Upon resumption, Sterling showed increased aggression, but O’Malley was finding his rhythm. When Sterling made a forward move, O’Malley skillfully retreated and unleashed a powerful right-hand punch.

Sterling took the hit and fell flat on the mat, with O’Malley continuing his assault. Using his long reach, O’Malley struck Sterling repeatedly until the referee deemed it necessary to halt the fight.

Sterling expressed no dissatisfaction with the decision, instead congratulating O’Malley and praising his technique. He also hinted that the defeat might affect his decision to transition to the featherweight division.

“Sean exceeded my expectations,” said Sterling. “He was elusive, staying out of reach. I have nothing negative to say about him. Congratulations to him and his team. It’s all respect at the end of the day.”

“I’ve fallen before, even been knocked out. I recovered and became a UFC champion. Don’t be shocked if I return and reclaim the title. I need to reconsider a few things, especially considering how he caught me,” he continued.

With O’Malley solidified as champion, the UFC gains another appealing name. However, O’Malley has no intention of resting on his laurels. He’s already eyeing retribution against the only fighter to have beaten him.

“This is merely the dawn of the ‘Suga’ era,” O’Malley proclaimed. “I’ll be ruling this until 2035, baby. Did ‘Chito’ [Vera] win? Was it dull? Probably. I’ll take ‘Chito’ down in December in Vegas at T-Mobile. Let’s go!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sean O’Malley

Who won the bantamweight title at UFC 292?

Sean O’Malley won the bantamweight title at UFC 292 by defeating Aljamain Sterling with a second-round knockout.

How did Sean O’Malley win the fight against Aljamain Sterling?

O’Malley won the fight with a vicious counter right hand early in the second round, followed by relentless strikes until the referee stopped the contest.

What did Sean O’Malley say after his victory?

O’Malley acknowledged feeling nervous before the fight but expressed confidence in his abilities. He stated that it was the beginning of the “Suga” era and even challenged ‘Chito’ Vera for a fight in December.

Did Aljamain Sterling accept the defeat gracefully?

Yes, Sterling did not complain about the stoppage and even congratulated O’Malley, praising his performance. He also hinted at reassessing his future plans.

What are O’Malley’s plans for the future?

O’Malley is already looking for revenge against the only person to have ever defeated him, ‘Chito’ Vera, and he’s planning to fight him in December in Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena.

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MMAJunkie August 20, 2023 - 7:26 pm

That fight was worth every penny! O’Malley’s right hand is a weapon, can’t wait to see him in the ring again. He’s got the charisma and skill to be a UFC legend.

SterlingSupporter August 21, 2023 - 2:41 am

a tough loss for Sterling, but he’ll be back. This ain’t the end of the road for him. Respect to OMalley though.

SugaBeliever August 21, 2023 - 3:47 am

Sean’s the real deal! mark my words, he’s gonna dominate the division for years. That knockout was insane, who’s next?

FightFan101 August 21, 2023 - 3:48 am

Wow, O’Malley really did it! I cant believe he took down Sterling so easily, thats a big statement in the bantamweight divsion.


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