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Rose Namajunas was close to retirement after UFC 274 loss: ‘I definitely thought I was done’

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UFC 274 loss

Rose Namajunas considered retirement after her UFC 274 loss to Carla Esparza. The defeat left her questioning her future in the sport, and she even thought she might be done with fighting. Namajunas admitted that she didn’t feel aggressive and didn’t want to hurt anyone in the locker room before the fight. There were other factors too, including a spiritual aspect, where she questioned if fighting was part of a godly life. However, she eventually realized that being a warrior is a special gift she has been given.

Leaving the sport would have meant an impressive career with two strawweight championships and victories against some of the best fighters, like Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to end her career on a lackluster loss to Esparza, despite her reservations about the entertainment aspect of violence in combat sports.

Namajunas felt conflicted about the violence in the cage as it didn’t align with her peaceful nature, but she gradually embraced a sense of freedom and decided to return to fighting. She now sees her career from a fresh perspective, feeling inspired by the fun aspect of it, rather than solely focusing on achieving titles. She’s now fully committed to her upcoming fight against Manon Fiorot, knowing that a victory could put her in line for a shot at becoming a two-division UFC champion.

Despite her past doubts and wavering commitment, Namajunas is now all in and ready to embrace this defining chapter of her career. She acknowledges that fighting can be a complicated and addictive pursuit, but she’s determined to approach it with newfound clarity and enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 274 loss

Q: Was Rose Namajunas considering retirement after her UFC 274 loss?

A: Yes, Rose Namajunas contemplated retirement after her much-maligned strawweight title loss to Carla Esparza at UFC 274. She questioned her future in the sport during her hiatus from competition.

Q: What factors contributed to Rose Namajunas’s doubts about continuing her fighting career?

A: There were several factors that contributed to Rose Namajunas’s doubts. She mentioned feeling non-aggressive in the locker room and not wanting to hurt anyone during the fight. Additionally, there was a spiritual aspect where she questioned whether fighting aligned with a godly life.

Q: What achievements has Rose Namajunas accomplished in her fighting career so far?

A: Rose Namajunas is a two-time strawweight champion with notable victories against top fighters like Zhang Weili (twice), Joanna Jedrzejczyk (twice), and Jessica Andrade.

Q: Did Rose Namajunas ultimately decide to return to fighting?

A: Yes, Rose Namajunas decided to return to fighting. Despite her doubts, she believes that being a warrior is a special gift she has been given and is now fully committed to her upcoming fight against Manon Fiorot at UFC Paris.

Q: What changed Rose Namajunas’s perspective on her fighting career?

A: Rose Namajunas described feeling a special energy and a sense of freedom, which she attributes to the Holy Spirit. She now approaches her career with more focus on having fun and fighting how she wants to fight.

Q: Could Rose Namajunas become a two-division UFC champion in the future?

A: If Rose Namajunas defeats Manon Fiorot at UFC Paris, she could move to the front of the contender line and have the chance to become a two-division UFC champion, further bolstering her incredible legacy.

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