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Rose Namajunas Reveals Grisly Hand Injury After Defeat in UFC Paris Showdown

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Rose Namajunas hand injury

Following her unsuccessful flyweight debut this past Saturday, Rose Namajunas is nursing more than just a bruised ego. Her manager Brian Butler from SuckerPunch Entertainment took to various social media platforms to disclose that the former dual strawweight champion had fractured her hand during the initial round of the co-headlining bout at UFC Paris.

Namajunas faced a formidable opponent in rising star Manon Fiorot, ultimately succumbing to a unanimous decision loss. Adding insult to injury—literally—Butler posted a picture of Namajunas’ splinted hand on his Instagram Stories to drive the point home.

To provide an even more shocking visual, Ariel Helwani of The MMA Hour shared a rather stomach-turning snapshot of Namajunas’ hand injury, courtesy of her coach Pat Barry. Helwani’s tweet exploded across social media, leaving fans and fellow fighters alike cringing at the severity of the damage.

(via @arielhelwani) pic.twitter.com/M3P8xQlTrT

— MMA Hook (@MMAFighting) September 3, 2023

Despite fighting with a literal handicap, Namajunas stayed surprisingly competitive throughout the bout. According to two of the judges’ scorecards, she even managed to secure the third round in her favor. Following a title loss to Carla Esparza at UFC 274 back in May 2022, Namajunas had hinted in an interview with MMA Hook that she had been mulling over the idea of stepping up to the 125-pound weight class. However, she indicated that she wanted to put in some time in the weight room and also compete in grappling events before making such a move.

At 31, and with two previous wins over current champion Zhang Weili, Namajunas faces a crossroads in her career. Whether she decides to continue in the flyweight division or retreat back to the strawweight class to potentially reclaim her title for an unprecedented third time, remains an open question. Ah, the drama, the suspense—sports never fail to provide a good cliffhanger, do they?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rose Namajunas hand injury

What happened to Rose Namajunas at UFC Paris?

Rose Namajunas suffered a loss in her flyweight debut against rising contender Manon Fiorot. During the fight, she broke her hand, which her manager Brian Butler of SuckerPunch Entertainment later confirmed on social media.

How did Rose Namajunas injure her hand?

Namajunas fractured her hand in the initial round of her bout against Manon Fiorot. A picture of her splinted hand was posted by her manager on Instagram Stories, and a more graphic image was shared by Ariel Helwani of The MMA Hour.

Did the hand injury affect her performance?

Yes, despite breaking her hand early in the fight, Namajunas remained competitive throughout the match. She even won the third round according to two of the judges’ scorecards.

What was Rose’s previous weight class before the flyweight debut?

Before making her debut in the flyweight division, Rose Namajunas was a two-time strawweight champion.

Is Rose Namajunas planning to stay in the flyweight division?

It’s unclear at the moment. Following her flyweight debut loss, Namajunas has not confirmed whether she will continue fighting in this weight class or move back down to the strawweight division to potentially reclaim her title.

What are the social media outlets that confirmed Rose’s hand injury?

Her manager, Brian Butler of SuckerPunch Entertainment, confirmed the injury on various social media platforms. Additionally, Ariel Helwani of The MMA Hour posted a more graphic image of the injury.

Who else has Rose Namajunas lost a title to?

She lost her title to Carla Esparza at UFC 274 in May 2022. After that loss, she had been contemplating moving up to the 125-pound weight class.

What’s next for Rose Namajunas?

While it’s still an open question, Rose is at a career crossroads. She could either continue in the flyweight division or move back to the strawweight division to vie for the championship a third time. She holds two victories over the current strawweight champion, Zhang Weili.

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