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Roosevelt Roberts Overcomes Doubt and Finds Renewed Purpose in Fighting

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Roosevelt Roberts, a fighter on season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter, had reached a point where he contemplated leaving the world of professional fighting. However, just as he was ready to make that decision, fate intervened with a life-changing phone call.

Roberts had previously competed in the UFC, with a record of 4-3-1, but his final three fights ended in losses, leading to his release from the promotion. Disheartened by the lack of financial stability to support his family, the 29-year-old considered stepping away from the sport. But then, a pivotal call altered his path.

“I wouldn’t be doing this anymore if I hadn’t received that call,” Roberts revealed to MMA Hook. “Although I might still train, the passion for fighting had dwindled. People offered me $2,000 for fights, which was unacceptable. If I didn’t value my work, how could I expect others to do so?”

His decision wavered as doubts clouded his mind, until that phone call arrived, serving as a sign from a higher power.

“It felt like a sign from God, affirming that this was my calling,” Roberts continued. “It was a reminder not to give up on myself and that I belonged in this world. The opportunity clicked in my head, reaffirming that fighting was the right path. For a long time, I doubted myself, believing I wasn’t cut out for it. But God placed me here, at the right time and the right place.”

In his first appearance on The Ultimate Fighter, Roberts faced Nate Jennerman from Team McGregor. With a couple of powerful punches, Roberts quickly overwhelmed his opponent, leading to a referee stoppage.

After enduring a series of disappointing finishes during his initial UFC stint, Roberts felt elated to rewrite his narrative.

“It felt incredible to be back in the cage, making a statement and proving my worth,” Roberts expressed. “My previous fights in the UFC didn’t go as planned, so this time, I was determined to leave my mark. I want to give credit to Chandler and the coaches for entrusting me with the opening fight, setting the tone for the team. It truly felt like a blessing.”

During the episode, Roberts shared his desire to move to Florida to be closer to his children and train full-time with Michael Chandler. He remains hopeful that this opportunity will come to fruition.

While Roberts had experienced fighting firsthand, seeing himself on TV was an entirely different experience, one he cherished, especially as he watched it with his children.

“It was a bit strange seeing myself fight on TV, but also very rewarding,” Roberts reflected. “The editing and portrayal were done beautifully. My kids loved it and expressed their excitement. It was a truly special moment.”

Roosevelt Roberts’ journey from contemplating retirement to finding renewed purpose serves as a reminder of the unpredictable twists and turns in the world of professional fighting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about perseverance

Q: What led Roosevelt Roberts to consider quitting fighting?

A: Roosevelt Roberts contemplated quitting fighting due to financial struggles. He felt he wasn’t earning enough money to support his family, which made him question his career choice.

Q: How did Roosevelt Roberts’ mindset change after receiving a call?

A: The phone call he received, offering him an opportunity to compete in The Ultimate Fighter, changed Roosevelt Roberts’ mindset. He saw it as a sign from a higher power, reaffirming his purpose in fighting and giving him renewed motivation.

Q: How did Roosevelt Roberts perform in The Ultimate Fighter?

A: Roosevelt Roberts made a statement in The Ultimate Fighter by delivering a spectacular nine-second finish in his first fight. He overwhelmed his opponent with powerful punches, showcasing his skills and earning a decisive victory.

Q: What impact did seeing himself fight on TV have on Roosevelt Roberts?

A: Seeing himself fight on TV was a surreal experience for Roosevelt Roberts. While it felt strange, he also found it rewarding. He appreciated the way his fight was portrayed and cherished the moment, especially as he watched it with his children.

Q: What are Roosevelt Roberts’ future plans?

A: Roosevelt Roberts expressed his desire to move to Florida to be closer to his children and train full-time with Michael Chandler. He hopes to have the opportunity to make this move and continue pursuing his fighting career.

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