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Robbie Lawler responds to Conor McGregor, promises he’ll stay retired from combat sports

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Robbie Lawler, the renowned MMA fighter, responded to Conor McGregor’s comment and reaffirmed his commitment to retirement from combat sports. Lawler’s retirement couldn’t have been more impressive, as he secured a 38-second knockout victory over Niko Price at UFC 290, which was followed by an emotional video tribute.

It’s rare for veterans to retire on a high note, let alone with such a statement-making performance. However, Lawler exited the sport just as he had entered it over two decades ago, giving his all to finish his opponent.

Despite Lawler’s public announcement of retirement, Conor McGregor still chimed in with a comment suggesting Lawler would make a comeback before the end of the year. Lawler couldn’t help but chuckle at McGregor’s statement.

Lawler responded with a smile, asking if Conor wanted to fight him. While he acknowledged that it would be a big fight, Lawler clarified that he wasn’t seriously considering such possibilities. He expressed contentment with his current state and achievements, emphasizing that this was a great way to retire.

Lawler reflected on a viral video from seven years ago when he was asked about fighting McGregor shortly after his loss to Nate Diaz. Lawler had stated that it wouldn’t have been a great fight because he would have taken McGregor’s soul if he had hurt him on the feet like Diaz did.

Lawler dismissed any notion of a showdown between him and McGregor and conveyed that he has moved on from that idea, regardless of what McGregor might say.

Lawler believed McGregor was simply trying to provoke him and shrugged off any concerns, focusing instead on relaxing and savoring the present moment.

Although McGregor’s timing may have been off, he wasn’t entirely wrong about fighters retiring and then changing their minds later on, sometimes within months, weeks, or even days.

Lawler acknowledged the existence of other options, such as bare-knuckle fighting, where many UFC veterans have earned substantial paychecks. However, he made it clear that he has no intentions of competing in combat sports again, with or without gloves.

Lawler expressed his commitment to coaching and helping others while staying in shape and maintaining his fitness regimen. He highlighted his interest in giving back to aspiring athletes who wish to compete at a high level.

Lawler explained that this retirement feels easier for him because it was the first time he felt good during the entire training camp. Being able to perform at his best on one specific day was what he aimed for, and he achieved that on his last fight day.

Considering everything, it would be difficult to imagine a better ending for Lawler’s career than the way he retired on Saturday. Overwhelmed with emotion, Lawler watched highlights from his entire career and expressed gratitude for the UFC, Dana White, the fans, and the sport itself.

Lawler felt honored and pleased by the recognition and support he received throughout his career. He reflected on his passion for MMA, the joy he derived from knocking people out, and his love for the sport that allowed him to have a long and extraordinary career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about retirement from combat sports

Q: What was Robbie Lawler’s response to Conor McGregor’s comment about his retirement?

A: Robbie Lawler laughed off Conor McGregor’s comment and emphasized his commitment to retirement from combat sports. He stated that he wasn’t focused on fighting anymore and was content with his achievements and the way he went out of the sport.

Q: Did Robbie Lawler express any interest in fighting Conor McGregor?

A: No, Robbie Lawler did not show any interest in fighting Conor McGregor. He dismissed the idea, stating that he had moved on and was not considering such possibilities.

Q: Why did Robbie Lawler decide to retire?

A: Robbie Lawler decided to retire after his knockout victory over Niko Price at UFC 290. He explained that he felt good during that fight and believed it was the right time to end his career on a high note.

Q: Is there a possibility of Robbie Lawler changing his mind about retirement?

A: Robbie Lawler expressed his strong commitment to retirement from combat sports. While it’s not uncommon for fighters to change their minds, Lawler stated that he had no intentions of returning to the sport, regardless of any future offers or temptations.

Q: What are Robbie Lawler’s plans after retirement?

A: After retirement, Robbie Lawler intends to focus on coaching and helping others in the sport. He expressed his interest in staying in shape, maintaining his fitness, and assisting athletes who aspire to compete at a high level.

Q: Did Robbie Lawler have any memorable fights or moments in his career?

A: Robbie Lawler had a long and successful career in MMA. One memorable moment was a viral video from seven years ago, where he talked about fighting Conor McGregor after a loss to Nate Diaz. Lawler stated that he would have taken McGregor’s soul if he had the opportunity. However, that fight never materialized.

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