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Robbie Lawler Leaves the Door Open for MMA Comeback Despite Retirement

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Robbie Lawler Leaves the Door Open for MMA Comeback Despite Retirement

Robbie Lawler, the celebrated MMA fighter, hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of a comeback to the sport, but he remains doubtful about it happening. His recent bout at UFC 290 resulted in a spectacular retirement, where he defeated Niko Price in a remarkable 38 seconds, capping off his illustrious career. While his dominant performance raised questions about his retirement decision, Lawler clarified during an appearance on The MMA Hour that though he still has more fight left in him, he has consciously chosen to step away.

Lawler revealed, “I definitely have more left in me, it’s just one of those things where you figure it out. I just can’t do as much as I used to is the thing. I can’t train the way I want to train.” The fighter, known for his work ethic and rigorous training routines, expressed that he struggles to find a balance between pushing himself and allowing ample time for recovery as he ages. Nevertheless, he has come to realize that he doesn’t need to train as intensely as before to perform well on fight day. His focus has shifted from constantly pushing his limits to honing his skills and being in top form for the important moments.

At 41 years old, Robbie Lawler holds a special place in UFC history as a former welterweight champion and a three-time winner of the Fight of the Year accolade. His legendary battle with Rory MacDonald at UFC 189 earned him a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. Fighting has been Lawler’s way of life since he was 19, making it challenging for him to detach from this identity. However, he firmly believes that he won’t succumb to the allure of returning to the cage.

The veteran fighter said, “I’m a fighter, I’m never going to say [never], but I’m in a good place. You never know, but I feel good. I feel good and I’m not training.” Although he remains open to the possibility, Lawler doesn’t see himself making a comeback to professional fighting. He finds satisfaction in staying fit through lifting and running, while also enjoying the process of training to be at his best for a specific event.

While Lawler’s competing days may be behind him, he’s not leaving the world of MMA. With over two decades of experience in the sport, he plans to invest his time in coaching and passing on his knowledge to the upcoming generation of fighters. As he transitions into this new chapter, Lawler intends to be part of Kill Cliff FC, helping talented fighters by sharing his wisdom and offering guidance to make their journey smoother.

After an illustrious 22-year career, Robbie Lawler officially retires with an impressive record of 30 wins, 16 losses, and 1 No-Contest. His legacy as one of the most beloved and accomplished fighters in the history of UFC is secure, and he embarks on a new path with pride and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA comeback

Q: Is Robbie Lawler considering a comeback to MMA after his retirement?

A: While Robbie Lawler hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of a comeback, he remains doubtful about returning to the MMA scene after his impressive retirement at UFC 290.

Q: What was the outcome of Robbie Lawler’s final bout in his career?

A: In his final bout, Robbie Lawler orchestrated a spectacular retirement by defeating Niko Price in just 38 seconds at UFC 290.

Q: What are the reasons behind Robbie Lawler’s decision to retire from MMA?

A: Robbie Lawler explained that although he still feels like he has more fight left in him, he can’t train the way he used to, and finding a balance between intense training and adequate recovery has become a challenge as he gets older.

Q: Will Robbie Lawler ever consider coming back to competitive fighting?

A: As a true fighter, Robbie Lawler acknowledges that he can never say never, but he feels content and doesn’t foresee himself making a comeback to professional fighting.

Q: What are Robbie Lawler’s future plans after retiring from MMA?

A: Robbie Lawler intends to stay involved in the world of MMA by coaching at Kill Cliff FC. With over 22 years of experience, he aims to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of fighters.

Q: What are some of Robbie Lawler’s career achievements in the UFC?

A: Throughout his UFC career, Robbie Lawler achieved significant milestones, including being a former welterweight champion, winning Fight of the Year thrice, and being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame for his epic battle with Rory MacDonald at UFC 189.

Q: What is Robbie Lawler’s overall record in his professional fighting career?

A: Robbie Lawler concluded his remarkable 22-year career with a total record of 30 wins, 16 losses, and 1 No-Contest.

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UFCaddict55 July 27, 2023 - 10:53 am

robbie’s a true warrior, man. he’s got more fight left, but trainin’ ain’t easy as he’s gettin’ older. his legasy in UFC is solid tho!

BiggestMMAFan July 27, 2023 - 11:49 am

robbie lawler is a boss! 30 wins, 16 lossess, and still a champ! never say nevr in MMA, but i’m cool if he decides not to return.

FighterChamp22 July 27, 2023 - 2:45 pm

lawler’s last fight was INSANE! he beat niko price in just 38 sec!! that’s craaazy fast! hope he comes back, but i get y he’s not sure.

FitnessFreak123 July 27, 2023 - 7:20 pm

if lawler’s not trainin’ as much, he might not feel ready for a comeback. but coachin’ at kill cliff FC is cool, helpin’ new fighters is great!

MMAfan93 July 27, 2023 - 8:05 pm

wow, robie lawler’s such a legend! i can’t believe he’s considring a comeback afta his amazin’ retiement at ufc 290. he’s a beast in the cage!


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