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Robbie Lawler ‘just felt it was time’ to retire but reveals why there was fear in making that decision

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Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler, a seasoned fighter in the world of MMA, has decided to retire after his upcoming bout at UFC 290 against Niko Price. This match will mark his 47th fight in a career spanning over 22 years. Lawler acknowledges that there was no sudden realization or profound moment that led to his retirement; instead, it was a gradual feeling that he had reached the right time to walk away.

Lawler’s journey in combat sports began at a young age, wrestling with UFC legends like Matt Hughes while still in high school. Since his professional debut in 2001, he has competed in every calendar year except for 2018, which is a remarkable feat considering the physical toll that comes with combat sports.

Although Lawler still loves fighting, the prospect of no longer preparing for future opponents has been a daunting thought for him. He admits that fear played a role in his decision to retire, as the unknown future loomed ahead. Throughout his life, Lawler’s focus has been on training and competing, even during his school years when he should have been doing other things. Stepping away from that familiar routine brings a sense of uncertainty.

While Lawler may be retiring, he doesn’t plan on straying too far from his daily routine, which involves spending a significant amount of time in the gym. He will continue training, albeit without the pressure of an upcoming fight. Surprisingly, Lawler looks forward to pushing his body further and embracing the opportunity to train for fun again. He believes that this change will allow him to torture himself a little more and gain strength, as recovery becomes more challenging with age.

Lawler emphasizes that even though he won’t be competing anymore, he will remain an integral part of the MMA community. As a coach and mentor, he has always guided younger fighters, and he intends to continue doing so outside the cage. Lawler understands the importance of giving back to the sport that has given him so much and wants to share the knowledge and techniques he has acquired over time.

Having announced his retirement before his final fight, Lawler has become the center of attention leading up to UFC 290. Many athletes have praised him for his incredible career and shared their favorite moments from his fights. Although Lawler has never sought out praise, he’s learning to be more gracious and accept the kind words from others. He aims to appreciate their compliments genuinely and acknowledges the need to let people appreciate him.

Known for his stoic nature, Lawler rarely displays his emotions before, during, or after fights, except for the occasional roar of victory. However, this might change soon, and he will do his best to hold back the emotions that may arise. Given the reception he is likely to receive on Saturday, it may be difficult for him to remain composed.

Lawler reflects on the possibility of getting emotional and acknowledges that it could happen, considering the longevity of his career. Nonetheless, he tries not to let those emotions take over because it can be overwhelming. After all, he has been dedicated to this sport for a significant portion of his life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Robbie Lawler, retirement, MMA career

What led to Robbie Lawler’s decision to retire from MMA?

Robbie Lawler’s decision to retire from MMA was not based on a specific moment or revelation but rather a gradual feeling over time. After a long and successful career spanning over 22 years, Lawler simply felt that it was the right time to step away from fighting.

Will Robbie Lawler still be involved in the sport after retirement?

Yes, Robbie Lawler intends to remain involved in the sport of MMA even after retiring. He has always been a coach and mentor to younger fighters and plans to continue guiding and supporting them outside the cage. Lawler believes in giving back to the sport that has played a significant role in his life.

How does Robbie Lawler feel about retiring from fighting?

While Lawler still loves fighting, the decision to retire did come with a sense of fear and uncertainty. He has been training and competing his entire life, making the transition to a future without preparing for the next opponent a challenging thought. However, Lawler also looks forward to training for fun again and pushing his body further without the pressure of a fight on the horizon.

How has Robbie Lawler’s retirement announcement been received?

Robbie Lawler’s retirement announcement has garnered attention and praise from fellow athletes and fans. Many have offered congratulations and expressed appreciation for his remarkable career. Lawler, although not seeking praise, is learning to be more gracious and appreciative of the kind words and admiration he has received.

Is Robbie Lawler expected to show emotions during his final fight and retirement?

While Robbie Lawler has typically maintained a stoic demeanor throughout his career, it is possible that he may experience emotions during his final fight and retirement. Lawler acknowledges the longevity of his career and the significance of this transition, but he will do his best to remain composed and focused.

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