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“Rob Font K.O’s Adrian Yanez in First Round at UFC 287 – Results and Highlights”

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Rob Font showed just how dangerous he is in the Bantamweight category when he beat Adrian Yanez at UFC 287. People were expecting big things from Yanez as they thought a win could shift him closer to competing for the title, however Font put an end to that with a huge right hook in the first round – and it worked!

At 2:57 o’clock in the first round, Font was able to end his two-fight slippery streak with a knockout victory. He commented that he used his jab and right hand which caused the finish. “It felt great to get the knockout since it had been a while since my last one. I’m up for challenging top guys now.”

The match was between two top bantamweight fighters, and Yanez was the first to make his presence known by throwing a bunch of brief punches that quickly began causing cuts and bruises all over Font’s face. Even though he was getting hurt, Font stood strong and kept throwing powerful punches back at Yanez.

At the start, both Yanez and Font were throwing punches at each other. But then, Yanez got caught off guard when Font punched him with an uppercut. This gave Font the opportunity he was waiting for; he kept punching Yanez trying to knock him out.

Yanez was punched in the head with a powerful right hook that made him fall to the ground. Font then jumped onto Yanez and delivered several more punches before the battle had to be stopped. This win was an important one for Font, after he had lost two battles in a row, showing that he can still compete at a very high level in the 135-pound division.

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