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Results of Episode 4: The Ultimate Fighter 31 – Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler

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Conor McGregor’s Winning Streak Threatened by Team Chandler

The latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter 31 showcased the dominance of Team Chandler as they extended their winning streak to 4-0 this season. Coach Michael Chandler’s bantamweight fighter, Timur Valiev (18-3, 1 NC), secured a unanimous decision victory over Trevor Wells (8-3), representing Team McGregor. Wells displayed commendable resilience in the first round, but Valiev’s wrestling skills prevailed in the second round, ultimately securing him the win.

Originally scheduled to fight earlier in the season, Valiev and Wells faced a delay due to Wells’ cold sore. This prompted discussions about modifying the bout to a catchweight affair. Chandler advocated for a reduction in the fightersweight cut, while McGregor’s camp insisted on a weight cut for the larger Valiev. Eventually, a compromise was reached, and the fight took place at a 142-pound catchweight.

Despite the experience gap and differences in competition level, the bout proved more competitive than anticipated. Wells showcased impressive striking and grappling defense in the first round, landing powerful jabs and successfully defending against Valiev’s back attempts. Valiev, on the other hand, found success with his striking, repeatedly connecting with his right hand on Wells’ chin.

The second round belonged entirely to Valiev, who executed a well-timed takedown early in the frame. He dominated the fight from Wells’ half guard, delivering heavy ground-and-pound. Although Wells managed to prevent Valiev from advancing, a last-minute reversal proved too little, too late.

All four of Chandler’s UFC veterans who have competed so far—Roosevelt Roberts, Austin Hubbard, Timur Valiev, and Cody Gibson—were victorious in their respective bouts.

In the upcoming episode, Brad Katona (12-2) from Team Chandler, who is a long-time training partner of McGregor, will face Carlos Vera (11-3) from Team McGregor in a bantamweight bout.

The Ultimate Fighter 31 airs live every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN and ESPN+.

Following the season finale, a welterweight bout between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler is expected to take place. However, the match has not been officially confirmed, and recent sexual assault allegations against McGregor have cast doubt on his future in competitive fighting.

Additionally, the TUF 31 lightweight and bantamweight tournament finalists will compete for a lucrative UFC contract during the show’s live finale. The date for this event is yet to be announced.

TUF 31 Roster by Team:

Team McGregor (prospects):


  • Lee Hammond (27, 5-0)
  • Nate Jennerman (29, 16-5)
  • Aaron McKenzie (34, 11-2-1)
  • Landon Quinones (27, 7-1-1)


  • Mando Gutierrez (26, 8-2)
  • Trevor Wells (27, 8-3)
  • Carlos Vera (35, 11-3)
  • Rico DiSciullo (36, 11-2, 1 NC)

Team Chandler (veterans):


  • Jason Knight (30, 23-7)
  • Austin Hubbard (31, 15-6)
  • Roosevelt Roberts (28, 12-3, 1 NC)
  • Kurt Holobaugh (36, 19-7, 1 NC)


  • Hunter Azure (31, 10-3)
  • Brad Katona (31, 12-2)
  • Timur Valiev (33, 18-3, 1 NC)
  • Cody Gibson (35, 19-8)

Quarterfinal Results:

  • Roosevelt Roberts def. Nate Jennerman via first-round KO
  • Cody Gibson def. Mando Gutierrez via first-round TKO
  • Austin Hubbard def. Aaron McKenzie via unanimous decision
  • Timur Valiev def. Trevor Wells via unanimous decision

Remaining Quarterfinal Matchups:

  • Brad Katona vs. Carlos Vera
  • Lee Hammond vs. Kurt Holobaugh
  • Jason Knight vs. Landon Quinones
  • Hunter Azure vs. Rico DiSciullo

Advancing to the Semifinals:

  • Roosevelt Roberts
  • Cody Gibson
  • Austin Hubbard
  • Timur Valiev


  • Nate Jennerman
  • Mando Gutierrez
  • Aaron McKenzie
  • Trevor Wells

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about dominance

What is The Ultimate Fighter 31?

The Ultimate Fighter 31 is a television series featuring mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters competing in a tournament-style format under the coaching of Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler.

How is Team Chandler performing in The Ultimate Fighter 31?

Team Chandler has been dominant in The Ultimate Fighter 31, winning all four of their fights so far, with victories from their UFC veterans Roosevelt Roberts, Austin Hubbard, Timur Valiev, and Cody Gibson.

Who won the bout between Timur Valiev and Trevor Wells?

Timur Valiev won the bout against Trevor Wells by unanimous decision. Wells put up a strong fight, but Valiev’s wrestling skills and striking ability ultimately secured him the victory.

Will there be a welterweight bout between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler?

There are expectations for a welterweight bout between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, but the matchup has not been officially confirmed. Recent sexual assault allegations against McGregor have also raised uncertainty about his future competitive status.

When will the TUF 31 lightweight and bantamweight tournament finals take place?

The date for the TUF 31 lightweight and bantamweight tournament finals has not been announced yet. The finalists will compete for a six-figure UFC contract during the show’s live finale.

Can you provide the roster for Team McGregor and Team Chandler?

Certainly! Here are the fighters on each team:

Team McGregor (prospects):

  • Lightweight: Lee Hammond, Nate Jennerman, Aaron McKenzie, Landon Quinones
  • Bantamweight: Mando Gutierrez, Trevor Wells, Carlos Vera, Rico DiSciullo

Team Chandler (veterans):

  • Lightweight: Jason Knight, Austin Hubbard, Roosevelt Roberts, Kurt Holobaugh
  • Bantamweight: Hunter Azure, Brad Katona, Timur Valiev, Cody Gibson

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UltimateWarrior June 21, 2023 - 10:12 am

TUF 31 is off the hook! Can’t wait for the lightweight and bantamweight finals. The roster looks stacked with promising fighters. Gonna be a slugfest! UFC better announce the dates soon.

ChampChaser June 21, 2023 - 8:57 pm

McGregor vs. Chandler, bring it on! I wanna see who comes out on top in that welterweight bout. But damn, those recent allegations against McGregor are throwing uncertainty into the mix. Hope it gets sorted out.

TUFAddict June 22, 2023 - 12:22 am

Team Chandler is dominating, no doubt. Their veterans are showing their experience. Can’t wait to see Katona go against Vera next. TUF always brings intense matchups. Let’s go!

MMAFan93 June 22, 2023 - 2:20 am

omg dis show is lit! Team chandler be killin’ it, they’re undefeated so far. McGregor betta step up his game! Can’t wait to see if the welterweight bout happens, gonna be epic!

FightLover22 June 22, 2023 - 9:32 am

Team McGregor needs to step up, man! They’re gettin’ shut out by Team Chandler. Valiev’s wrestling was on fire in that fight. Wells put up a good fight tho, props to him. Hope the sexual assault allegations don’t affect McGregor’s future.


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