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Regis Prograis praises Nate Diaz for sparring session, but believes Jake Paul might be too big

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Regis Prograis commends Nate Diaz for their sparring session but expresses concern over Jake Paul’s size advantage.

During Regis Prograis’ preparation for a world title fight, he coincidentally encountered former UFC star Nate Diaz at the gym. Diaz was gearing up for a sparring session while Prograis, having just finished dinner, wasn’t planning on exerting himself.

However, when Diaz’s original sparring partner failed to show up, Prograis was approached with an offer to step in. Despite feeling unprepared and physically disadvantaged, Prograis accepted the opportunity to spar with Diaz, who outweighed him significantly.

Prograis, usually competing in the 135 to 140-pound range, didn’t let the size disparity deter him and engaged in several rounds of intense exchanges with Diaz. Despite being familiar with Diaz’s reputation as a UFC fan, Prograis wasn’t sure what to expect from Diaz’s boxing skills, especially after previously training with MMA fighters.

Prograis acknowledged Diaz’s toughness and was impressed by his boxing abilities, considering his background in MMA. Although Diaz’s striking didn’t match that of a professional boxer, it was notably superior to many MMA fighters Prograis had sparred with in the past. Prograis expressed his admiration for Diaz’s resilience and characterized their sparring session as highly competitive.

On August 5, Diaz will make his professional boxing debut against Jake Paul in a highly anticipated bout in Dallas, transitioning from MMA to boxing. Paul, having fought professionally seven times with a record of 6-1, poses a different challenge for Diaz compared to Prograis’ sparring experience.

Prograis couldn’t evaluate Paul’s boxing skills like he could with Diaz since they hadn’t spent any time in the ring together. However, Prograis acknowledged Paul’s commitment, hard work, and notable punching power. He noted that Paul fights at the level expected of someone with seven professional fights and acknowledged his popularity, which surpasses that of most fighters with similar records. While Prograis believed Paul lacks the same level of skill as Diaz, he acknowledged Paul’s physical advantages, particularly his size and power.

In terms of pure boxing talent, Prograis recognized Diaz as the more skilled fighter. However, he couldn’t discount the significant size difference between the two competitors. Despite the similarities in height and reach, Prograis anticipated that Paul’s rehydration after the weigh-ins would give him a substantial size advantage over Diaz on fight night. Consequently, Prograis leaned towards Paul winning the fight, not necessarily due to superior boxing skills, but primarily because of his size advantage.

Prograis emphasized that if Paul and Diaz were the same size, he would unquestionably favor Diaz to emerge victorious. Nevertheless, Prograis acknowledged the significant disparity in size and believed it would play a crucial role in the outcome of the fight, leaning towards Paul winning due to his size advantage.

While currently focused on defending his WBC light welterweight title against Danielito Zorrilla, Prograis expressed his willingness to assist Diaz in his preparation for the fight against Paul if he wasn’t in his own training camp.

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Q: What was the reason for Regis Prograis and Nate Diaz’s sparring session?

A: The sparring session between Regis Prograis and Nate Diaz came about because Diaz’s original sparring partner didn’t show up. Prograis was approached with the opportunity to step in and spar with Diaz.

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